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Stoneheart #5

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As they’re finding a way to escape Lightspring Canyon, Eve splits Shayde Whisper and Eldon Redwood up and forces Shayde to fight in an underground gambling ring. Scrambling, emotionally compromised, and under stress, Shayde unfortunately falls short.

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34 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    You Don't Read Comics

    Kubert is a delightful storyteller. Her unique take on the sword-and-sorcery fantasy genre maintains a focus on the kind of reader-character relationship that could lead to fierce fan loyalty if the series is given enough time to gain momentum into the future. Her perspective and art style are distinctive enough that it’s not difficult to imagine her rolling with Shayde for years to come. So much of her style and pacing seems reminiscent of Pinis’ Elfquest. It all feels so warm and comfortable with just the right amount of intrepid adventure.

  • 76

    Comic Watch

    The series as a whole has been a roller coaster. Some issues were phenomenally great while others weren’t as strong as the others. But the final issue should really solidify the quality of the story as a whole, which comes out in August.

  • 60

    Stoneheart #5 goes live this week with a tantalizing mix of flirtatious quips and violent battles. As Shayde finds herself struggling to control her emotions, the paladin and her new friend are pit against battles of their own. Shayde is pit in a battle against a terrifying foe while her comrade faces his brother with words. Plus, the cute couple litter the brisk issue with a slew of flirtatious touches.

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