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Stillwater #14

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Stillwater is unique. Stillwater is immortal. But miracles can happen more than once. Will the town be able to accept that?

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    Comic Watch

    As Stillwater gets to enjoy a finite time that its characters do not, its themes solidify and proves it can still deliver some unexpected twists. Zdarsky's deep character work and steady pace paired with Prezs eerie expressions and callous action reinforce the horror of immortality. With the series working through its final arc, the secrets of the Stillness are surely coming to a head just as Daniel returns to Stillwater for a second time, threatening plenty of carnage and chaos to come.
  • 94

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Zdarsky delivers a great story in this issue. There are some great moments throughout and even with the tension being as high as it is in this issue, the plot takes great pains to showcase something new for the reader in the new environment of Coldwater. I love how the story builds up the tension of “The Three” and when they finally arrive, it is an awesome reveal. The Art: Ramon K Perez delivers some fantastic art in the issue. The art does a brilliant job of crafting the mood and scope of the area and its characters. A wonderful looking issue with a beautifully surprising final page.
  • 90


    The final ‘Stillwater' story arc continues to bring big bold moves to the horror series as the town of Coldwater now must deal with the darkness that controls Stillwater, and a big big return most assuredly spells the beginning of the end. This remains such a brilliant, beautiful, dark, emotional, and powerful series from this truly amazing creative team.
  • 80

    The expansion of Stillwater begins in Stillwater #14 and Galen's approach to incorporating Coldwater along with its residents is often both creative and chilling. He is the centerpiece of this issue following the escape of the town's most prominent rebels, and he runs the town with an authoritarian approach. Following a clever approach to hiding their introduction from the outside world, Galen offers residents of Coldwater both a carrot and stick with no uncertainty about what rejecting his offer to join the "community" might mean. It's particularly frightening to watch those gears turn within the body of a 10-year-old, something reflected in sequences small and large throughout the issue. With villains well established and their plan successfully underway, Stillwater #14 has established the stakes for its final arc well, which makes it all the more pleasing when a monkey wrench is thrown into Galen's invasion.
  • 40

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