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Stillwater #13

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The rules have changed.

Daniel now holds a special place in Stillwater. Can Galen’s hold on the town stand up to a new challenger?

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  • 100

    Comic Watch

    Stillwater #13 balances the abstract and concrete in both its writing and art, bringing the concepts of immortality, theology, and borders on a map to play out in the lives of townsfolk whether they believe in them or not. Zdarsky, Prez, and Spicer come out swinging in this issue, and tackle those bigger questions with stunning writing and grotesque art. Whether it's the revelation that maps can be changed, or that immortality will only lead to pain and suffering, the thematic tapestry of Stillwater is an enthralling thought experiment brought to the page.
  • 90


    It's the beginning of the end for the secret of Stillwater as well as the series itself, as the immortal horror series moves into its final story arc with a pretty big bang. What this creative team has created is such a emotional, engaging and realistic look at the true horror that humanity brings upon itself.
  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Zdarsky delivers an action filled, tension filled thrill ride in this issue. All of the bigger plot points come together really well and the story takes some great twists and turns that give it great energy. The action is great and doesn’t take away from the story or its characters. I cannot wait to see where this goes next based on the great cliffhanger ending and its repercussions. The Art: Perez delivers some great action filled art on every page of the issue. The art perfectly captures the tension, terror and danger of the story.
  • 80

    Stillwater enters its endgame as one minor miracle unleashes a terrible new force on the town and its surrounding communities. From its start the series has questioned what keeps a community bound together and how those forces shape individuals. Stillwater #13 posits two very different answers in the midst of a crisis and it's unclear whether either offers any possibility of salvation for the demented citizens of this place. After a sometimes confusing introductory action sequence, the issue quickly shifts to focus on what comes after this half-started revolt and there's far more suspense to be found in those slow conversations given the absolute lack of physical consequences inside Stillwater's borders. The back half of the issue frames the final arc of Stillwater with plenty of allegorical power; it seems that there's a potent climax approaching.
  • 80

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