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Steel #1

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“Reign of Doomsday” part 1!

John Henry Irons is a normal human being who managed to overcome all odds and become a hero during Metropolis darkest hour. Now the very villain that led to his heroic first appearance in the DCU has returned–and this is looking for the man of Steel!

Continued in OUTSIDERS #37.

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    Supergirl Comic Box Commentary

    In some ways, I feel for Steve Lyons, a writer I haven’t heard of before. The initial solicit for this issue, released in October, had Steel fighting Metallo. At some point, I assume after October, the Doomsday storyline came into being and the decision was made to make the Steel issue the opening volley. I wonder just how much of Lyons’ original story made it through to this issue. I guess that some of the battle pages could be very similar. But I think that the nature of the story, especially the outcome, gave Lyons little room to explore Steel’s character.

    In fact, the issue is predominantly Steel getting trashed by Doomsday. And while Steel’s resilience, his unwillingness to accept defeat is admirable, he is little more than a punching bag here.

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    If you were looking forward to Doomsday’s return… well, that was your first mistake. But if you were looking for a return to prominence for John Henry Irons, don’t hold your breath. You’re going to have to keep waiting.

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