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Static: Shadows of Dakota #2

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Based on 8 critic ratings.

As if vigilantes hunting down Bang Babies in the streets weren’t enough, Virgil learns that his young friend Quincy is manifesting powers-making him their next target!

Meanwhile, down in the shadows, Ebon is investigating a connection between the vigilantes and the disappearance of his brother, Rubberband Man!

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    ‘Static: Shadows Of Dakota’ #2 continues to build this corner of the Milestone Universe, fleshing out the characters even more and giving a look at the various levels of evil that they must face. A powerfully gorgeous comic book with so much to say about the world and humanity both within the scope of the character and his world but also our own superpowerless world.

  • 92

    Comic Watch

    Overall, this is yet another fantastic entry in this modern Static story. Nikolas Draper-Ivey and Vita Ayala are weaving a terrifying tale of heroism and dehumanization that Milestone isn’t afraid to tackle with amazing art and writing. This series has been great so far and we certainly can’t wait to see what comes next!

  • 90

    Lyles Movie Files

    Static’s latest arc has retained the pleasantly refreshing tone of a modern comic that reads like a taste of contemporary teen life. (…) I’m loving this run of Static, which continues to be the highlight of the new Milestone era and quietly one of DC’s more engaging titles.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An entertaining and thought provoking story from Draper-Ivey and Ayala. The plot has some great mystery within it and there is great character development with Virgil and the rest of the characters. I love how the story continues to grow throughout the series and include themes that make for a compelling world to explore. There is some great action in the story and everything in the series seems to be building to something interesting.

    The Art: Draper-Ivey delivers some beautiful visuals throughout the issue. The visual tone of the art perfectly matches the narrative and the evolving world of the characters.

  • 85

    Geek Dad

    This issue does a good job of covering the balance between Static’s two lives, especially when it comes to him trying to be a good mentor to his young charge Quincy. Quincy is also a Bang Baby, as is a teenage girl he meets this issue—and both are now targets. The villains seem to be using tech-enhanced soldiers, but the main villain here is still shrouded and hasn’t been revealed yet. This issue didn’t quite have anything as great as last issue’s Ebon reveal, but the action continues to be tense and enjoyable, and the creative team is doing a good job of shaking up the status quo from the previous run. It seems like one character, Virgil’s best friend Freida, may be leaving the series to study abroad, while others may be joining the cast. Despite all the familiar characters, there’s a sense of uncertainty to everything here. This isn’t a world where heroes are protected—it’s a world where they’re target #1.

  • 80

    Another solid issue of Static, as the hero tries to grapple increasing responsibilities at home, with friends, and as a superhero. We get another tease of a familiar Static Shock character in Adam Evans, although he’s far from the superhero we’ve seen in the cartoon. We also get some more insight into the attacks on Bang Babies, along with a new target. Nikolas Draper-Ivey’s art is a bit more uneven in the second issue. There are parts where it looks great, and there are pages where it almost looks unfinished. Still, I think it works due to a more consistent layout that conveys the story a bit better than in the first miniseries.

  • 80

    But Why Tho?

    Static: Shadows of Dakota #2 puts the pressure on its titular hero as his superhero and personal lives collide in explosive fashion. Even though this issue is a bit of a breather compared to the first issue, it’s no less engaging. This series continues to be a reminder of why Static is an amazing character, and you should definitely be reading it.

  • 80

    You Don't Read Comics

    Though it may suffer from a bit of an emotional distance, the current Static has a profoundly unique presence on the page that is quite unlike nearly everything else thats currently on the comics rack. The angles and impact of the action feel remarkably impressive throughout both of the issues that have come out so far. The plot is definitely moving in a direction that feels thoughtful and respectably complex. Ayala takes some of the more familiar aspects of superhuman struggle and makes them feel new.

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