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Starhenge - Book One: The Dragon & The Boar #6 (of 6)

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In the shocking conclusion of STARHENGE: BOOK ONE, King Arthur is killed after Gwynn sabotages Merlin’s plans. Merlin goes mad and flees, transforming into an Elk. Can Taliesin, Amber, and Daryl offer any hope for the future of magic?

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    Starhenge, Book One: The Dragon & The Boar #6, like every other issue in this series, is a masterpiece of comics storytelling. It almost feels redundant to praise the writing each issue for that reason, but this issue in particular is also a master work in terms of art. There are different styles and approaches, but this is Sharpe at the absolute top of his game here with panels that are hauntingly beautiful because of how real they look and others that are hilarious and cartoony all balanced with this glorious, galactic feel. This book is an absolute feast, especially for the eyes.

  • 100

    Comic Watch

    What Sharp has achieved here with this first arc is a testament to the power of his talent and the blood sweat and tears that goes into being an artist/writer and the absolutely dizzying heights that can be reached when talent and passion for storytelling about a subject come together in an absolutely flawless synergy of word and beautifully rendered image. Simply put this comic sweeps you away to beautiful, barbaric and dangerous places in through magnificent art and storytelling. It is an absolute must read.

  • 98

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    I’m not sure that I know what I expected from STARHENGE BOOK ONE #6. I wasn’t expecting something that would serve as an end. But I’m also not sure I was expecting such major character revelations. The idea that Arthurs death destroyed future magic intrigues me since in our own history and lore, Arthur did die. It provokes many questions about where the story might go. But while I do find this issue to be somewhat less effective narratively, the art is more impressive than any issue to this point. In short another winner. And I eagerly await the next issue.

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