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Starhenge - Book One: The Dragon & The Boar #4 (of 6)

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AMBER and DARYL battle the MOR-DREADNAUGHT, revealing unexpected things about both of them! MERLIN conspires to arrange the birth of ARTHUR, the once and future king.

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    ‘StarHenge’ #4 is an artistic tour de force offering up classic old school comic cuts while continuing to dazzle and astound with digitally rendered art that looks more like gouache and oil paints than it has any right to do. That and well woven story of past present and future that is beginning to chime together by the end of this particular issue.

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    Each issue of Starhenge, Book One: The Dragon & The Boar generally leaves me wondering exactly how Sharp manages to best himself issue over issue, but here we are with issue #4 and once again, that increasing level of quality continues. This issue is a bit unlike the previous, but is no less in synch. The art here is incredible with a wild shift between different styles at different points in the issue – a shift so hard that it feels like multiple books at once and it’s astounding, but it only pales in comparison to the narrative. This isn’t a comic book. This is an experience that transcends the form and the myths and lore it is built upon. This issue sees a reframing of the origin of King Arthur that has to be read to fully appreciated and while this issue, like its predecessors is very dense and requires a deep time investment, this issue may be the series’ best yet.

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    Comic Watch

    Issue #4 is an absolutely flawless affair from Sharp. A perfect mix of retro line art and Sharp’s painted style combines with several story surprises, some incredible old school but delightfully meta comic book action even as it cleverly retells a familiar Arthurian legend. It’s a riveting chapter in word and form that serves as a reminder of the amazing things a talented creator can do with the comic medium.

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    Sequential Planet

    Amber’s story is finally starting to pick up which ought to give her a stronger charisma while also reducing the weird narration.

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