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Star Wars: Yoda #10 (of 10)

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After years in exile on DAGOBAH, legendary JEDI MASTER YODA is visited by a ghost of his past. Plagued by painful memories, he must enter the CAVE OF EVIL to face his ultimate fear. But will the Jedi’s greatest teacher recall the most important lesson of all?

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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    All in all, however, Yoda issue #10 is a masterpiece as Yoda remembers an important lesson. While some issues in the series don’t hit it out of the park, its batting average is over .500, and the final issue makes collecting the previous issues all the more worth it. It’s a true triumph for the character and the creators of the series.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Scott brings this story to a satisfying conclusion that has a great eye towards the story we all know from Empire Strikes Back. I love that the story forces Yoda to face himself and his personal failures with an eye towards understanding rather than self-pity. The plot has some great character moments and I loved both the cameos within the plot and how they are utilized in their connection to Yoda. Scott does some great writing in this series and this finale makes everything in it worth the read.

    The Art: Roberson delivers some powerful visuals throughout the issue. Not only do I love the character designs and how they are utilized, but the look of Dagobah is perfectly done.

  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    The Yoda series has been a lot of fun overall because it wasn’t trying to do a real ten-issue storyline but some variable shorter works with their own pacing structure. Being able to jump to different time periods and character configurations worked in its favor as well and that made each storyline interesting to see what the focus was and to try and see how it all comes together, which it does well here at the end. Cavan Scott has done some strong work on the novel side and has some very solid comic work with Star Wars as well so this has the right kind of tone and concept to it that it adds without destroying and does so in a way that’s not forced. I remember spending years reading comics and playing with action figures wondering who else went into the tree, for example, and what they saw and that including Yoda and the stories I made up myself. Blending Obi-wan into it worked well here too. The whole run has been good and this is a solid conclusion to it that will stand the test of time for those that read it.

  • 80

    The final issue of Star Wars: Yoda takes the titular Jedi master to the iconic cave on Dagobah in which Luke had visions of confronting Darth Vader, as Yoda is delivered deadly visions of all of his failures throughout the years. As expected, the journey is dark and disturbing and visceral, though offers Yoda the opportunity to tap into parts of him that allow him to persevere. The sendoff to this miniseries is as riveting and enlightening as the nine issues that came before it, highlighting the wisdom that made Yoda such a compelling figure, yet one that isn’t without his own flaws and vulnerabilities. This specific issue might not necessarily offer an overall revelation about Yoda, but serves as a fulfilling conclusion to one of the strongest and most consistently engaging and thrilling Star Wars miniseries in years.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    I had stepped out on this series as I didn’t think that much of it and Baby Yoda is cuter than normal Yoda and like Darth Vader the more you see if this character the less interesting he is as it is no longer something special or interesting as they are super powered Jedi or Sith and can get out of any situation by space wizard stuff.

    This one at least has some reflection and some old faces that fans of the prequels and entire canon would recognise.

    It is the end of the Yoda series for now. I would recommend this one if you are a real big fan of this character but as I said with the Mandolorian and Baby Yoda you kind of don’t need to these days.

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