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Star Wars: Visions - Peach Momoko #1

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CENTURIES after the death of a GREAT DARK SITH LORD, a cult has grown worshipping this SITH LORD and the DARK SIDE. ANKOK believes she is the successor to the LEGACY of THE SITH with her DARK SIDE POWERS! But is she truly in tune with THE FORCE? Or is she just exploiting the people in her village?

KAKO and GEL are about to come face-to-face with the truth… even if it kills them!

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Kindle Edition
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32 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    First Comics News

    With a new cult seeking to fill the absence of the Sith, a group of allies heads out to stop them in this new story from Peach Momoko, whose Star Wars work is always a joy to read and look at when it comes to her ability to blend surrealistic, odd and wonderful elements in her artwork that really has a way to making anyone get invested but what’s really interesting is how she manages to capture every aspect of the franchise without going overboard in her interpretations. Since this title has absolutely no dialogue, Momoko’s vision of a galaxy far, far away shows what a force she is as a storyteller, and relying on the visuals is a compelling and creative concept that pays off from beginning to end. Momoko again shines with her work and I hope we don’t get a large gap until her next Star Wars project comes to light.

  • 95

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    On one hand, I wish there was some explanation for what I was looking at. But on the other, I appreciate the comic for what it is. It’s a crazy and beautiful depiction of Star Wars that could only come from an artist like Peach Momoko. There not being any words helps consumers be entirely engrossed in Peach Momoko’s art, storytelling, and vision of Star Wars. It perfectly encapsulates and fulfills Star Wars: Visions’ goal of a place for creators to share their unique voices. I’ll definitely be coming back to this again and again just to appreciate this for what it is.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Through the innovative eyes of Peach Momoko, the world of Star Wars is gifted a story of epic proportions.

  • 80


    Star Wars: Visions – Peach Momoko #1 is an interesting visual story playing around with the idea of the Sith as a David Cronenberg body horror nightmare. I was left with many questions, but it’s undoubtedly a new horror take on Star Wars that’s captivating.

  • 80

    In the absence of the Sith, a new threat has emerged that aims to fill that void, leaving a small group of allies to set their sights on stopping this new cult from picking up where the Sith left off. Creator Peach Momoko’s work in Star Wars comics, albeit brief, has been unparalleled by any other creator in the galaxy far, far away. Her artwork specifically is ambitious, surreal, bizarre, and gorgeous all at once, and this installment of Visions is no different. Her imagery is ethereal in a way that captures the more mystical elements of the franchise without being straightforward in her interpretations of the iconic lore, making for a rich visual feast. Given that the book is devoid of dialogue, the art needs to compensate and Momoko once again delivers an entirely unique vision of this galaxy. The only thing holding back this book is that the actual narrative tissue can waver and make for a less-than-literal experience for readers, as Momoko relies entirely on visual storytelling, which also happens to be highly conceptual as opposed to literal. It’s easy to pick up on the bare bones of the narrative, but for audiences looking for a more straightforward or obvious experience, this chapter of Visions will leave you wanting, but for a purely visual level, Momoko stuns with her work once again.

  • 70

    Graphic Policy

    Star Wars: Visions #1 is a quirky debut showing off Peach Momoko’s talents with a story that is hard to tell if you’re even supposed to know what’s going on. It’s an interesting addition to the Star Wars lineup of comics but overall is a great way to show off the talent of creators who might not otherwise get a chance to dip their toes into the world.

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