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Star Wars: The High Republic - Shadows Of Starlight #4 (of 4)

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The final glimpse of the lost year of THE HIGH REPUBLIC is revealed, as we follow the EYE OF THE STORM himself, MARCHION RO, from his greatest triumph – the destruction of the JEDI fortress known as STARLIGHT BEACON – to the many trials that came after!

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    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Soule crafts a dark and entertaining story from the perspective of Marchion Ro and it does a great job of showing the power of the character as well as his flaws. I enjoy seeing the reality of victory coming to the character and what that means as well as the growing list of new characters that could be a bigger threat to the Republic. I look forward to seeing more of this story unfold.

    The Art: Messina and Morales deliver thrilling art throughout the issue. I love the scenes of Ro looking over his people as they celebrate and how it shows his inability to revel in that victory. I also really enjoy the final few panels and what they mean for him going forward.

  • 80

    The great part about Shadows of Starlight is that it uses its anthology style to get you up to speed on where things stand in the High Republic era at a given time. That doesn’t just apply to the Jedi we’ve been following, as this latest issue is all about the era’s big villain, which makes it incredibly satisfying for anyone who jumped into The High Republic with Light of the Jedi.

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    The Fandom Post

    This was an interesting series overall and serves as a good complement to the books and a montage of various events going on across the galaxy after the fall of the Starlight Beacon. I continue to wish I connected with the books better but they just haven’t clicked with me. The comics have been working better in various stages and approaches, some more than others, so I’m still able to glean a lot of the basics and just enjoy the individual stories. This one focusing on things from the Nihil point of view does some interesting things and sets up a few characters that will be key going forward and it’ll be interesting to see when we come across them again in the comics side in the next couple of years as Phase III continues to roll out.

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