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Star Wars: The High Republic #7 (of 8)

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DEATH at the heart of NIHIL SPACE.

HOPE in the midst of despair.

JEDI MASTER KEEVE TRENNIS has gathered a band of battle-weary Jedi, pirates and wanderers, but how long will they remain united as the CHILDREN OF THE STORM make their move?

Plus: The Nihil Minister of Advancement revealed: BARON BOOLAN makes his presence known!

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  • 80

    Kreeve and Sskeer‘s journey continues to be the highlight of the current High Republic phase. This series balances so well the overall themes of Star Wars, putting its characters in various crisis of character and allowing the exploration of each of those issues to get its time to shine. It’s also a master/apprentice story that borrows plenty from Anakin and Ahsoka, without ever taking so much that it feels like a copy.

  • 50

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    The plot does move forward a little bit, but the story kinda happens to the Jedi, rather than our heroes driving it forward themselves. I’m sure the next issue will pick things up again now that the Jedi have a clear goal to work towards, but in the meantime most of this issue was a frustrating read.

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