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Star Wars: The High Republic #2

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Death Strikes On Jedha!

A Jedi lies dead in an ancient shrine, another on the trail of the murderer. Who is using ancient Force powers on the streets of the holy city, and why are sacred relics going missing? And why do all roads lead to the Temple of the Whills?

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8 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 92

    Comic Crusaders

    Cavan Scott and Ario Anindito remind us of how amazing Star Wars comics can be in the right hands. The High Republic was gone too long and even with the reset this book retains so much of the fun and adventure of the original run.
  • 87

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Scott delivers some great character building in this issue. The story continues to be interesting and the action is fun. I like getting to know more about the characters, especially Vildar and the story continues to engage me enough to make me interested in where the story is going next. The Art: Anindito delivers some great art throughout the issue. The character designs are great and I love the world of these characters and how dense the city seems.
  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    While other High Republic works haven’t really grabbed me, this incarnation has its hooks in me pretty good and this second issue really helps that. Focusing on just a few characters while playing in a larger and more diverse setting, especially with the various religious aspects, leads to a lot of new things that can be added. And we’re very early in discovering who these characters are as well which helps a lot and makes for a good part of the journey. Cavan Scott has given this a feel that leans more toward novel than comic, which is a big plus, while Ario Anindito and Mark Morales put in some great pages and designs to make it all come together and alive in an engaging way. There’s a lot of details to catch here and I’m looking forward to seeing more settings in Jedha explored that hopefully can be referenced down the line elsewhere too.
  • 76

    Comic Watch

    The first issue did a good job establishing Vildar and Matty’s characters well. They are both driven, honest Jedi and unquestionably good guys. This issue does not really need to reestablish their basic personalities to further the plot. Instead, this chapter focusses on highlighting the new character, Ter Sirrek, as well as a look at one of the Force cults in particular. The audience learns quickly that even though Sirrek is a thief, his intentions are good and he is not the murdered Mac thinks he is. He is also able to give an explanation for Mac’s fake death. He is proven to be quick, skillful, and handy. Another clue to his true alignment is on the cover, where he is shown clearly fighting alongside the two Jedi. The other interesting element explored here is the cult, The Path of the Open Hand. These zealots are not original to this series. They appeared in the recent YA novel, “Path of Deceit” which served as the introduction point the Phase II of “The High Republic.” They have similarities in name and symbols to the Nihil of Phase I, implying that they are the forbearers of that nefarious group. Instead of being marauders though, this group is concerned with speeding their word that The Force is to be worshipped, but never used. This is of course not at all what the Jedi believe. They will certainly end up standing in the way of galactic affairs for the Jedi further down the line. In this issue they and their ideas are briefly introduced, but it is hard to say how big an impact they might have on this particular series. Another small bit of familiarity is a mole looking alien that is similar to the one seen in the Kenobi Disney+ series. This keep things fresh with a recent reference that gives it a connection to current Star Wars stories in general, even if it does take place hundreds of years prior. One of the things that made the various “High Republic” comic series of Phase I stand out was the very different color usage in each series. The main series focused on bold colors that pop out at the audient. The secondary series, “Trail of Shadows” was gold and blue for the most part. The IDW “High Republic Adventures featured a lot of pink. This series seems to focus on pastels. This makes since because it is a much older era of “The High Republic” and givers it an almost faded look. That art is consistent with the quality of previous main series as well. The most important aspect of this issue, as well as the last, has been world and character building to separate this story from anything else. It seeks to be unique and is stronger because of it. The impact on the overall saga is hard to determine in only the second issue, but the fact that is has already connected itself with already established elements of other Phaser II stories proves its overall importance. The issue ends with our new trio of heroes cornered by a new, but also familiar enemy. The nest issues promises to start off with some action as it will endeavor to further the adventures of Vildar Mac, Matthea Cathley, and Tey Sirrek.
  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Star Wars: The High Republic #2 is a good continuation of the story, with a good plot but a mediocre main character in Jedi Vildar Mac. Still, it’s an interesting story set on one of the more beautiful Star Wars worlds.
  • 70

    The strength of the High Republic comics so far has been the rich characters they introduce to the Star Wars universe, and this edition of the series is no different. Even when the story slows, these intriguing characters keep you invested.
  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    Jedi Vildar Mac is apparently dead and young Padawan Matthew Cathely is wondering what to do when he wakes up. Determined to find who knocked him down the Jedi wastes no time tracking the assailant down to a bar where he comes a cropper with the Twinkle Sisters. The bar owner will take no nonsense, even from people claiming to be Jedi and the assailant reveals he only played a trick on the Jedi to knock him out. Before things get too heated the quarry escapes again only for the Jedi to find his lightsaber has been stolen. When they finally meet back up they agree to go to the local Jedi temple to make some further enquiries, but they may not get the welcome they expect. I had been reading this story on and off but it quickly became too complex for me to follow without reading all of it and there is also a series of young adult novels that are somewhat related to it. This series is set 10,000 years before the more well known events of Star Wars so there all new characters to get to know. While some people might be uncertain going into a series with no characters they know, shows like the Mandolorian and the more recent Andor have proved you can make a good story as long as the writing is there and this one does seem to be developing off in a direction of its own. I would recommend this one if you have read any of the High Republic stories in the past or want to jump into a storyline that is near the start without having to do much homework.
  • 60

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    The High Republic continues its return to our bookshelves with the second edition of the titular comic series: The High Republic. Cavan Scott brought the heat with the first issue, but he took a much lighter approach in the second. The first issue ended when Vildar Mac seemed to drop dead with Padawan Matthea Cathley left standing stunned. A mysterious figure claiming to be a dark side user with knowledge of arcane powers stopped Vildar’s heart with a single touch. It was undoubtedly the cliffhanger to leave your first issue on, and this one picks up right where it left off. Ultimately, I enjoyed this one, but I haven’t found myself connecting to the characters as quickly as I did the first High Republic comic go around. I’m sure I will come around, but I’m not there yet. The direction of the comic is exciting, and Path of Deceit readers already know part of the answer to the looming mystery surrounding this The High Republic series. In regard to the mysterious character in this one, we received several answers, but this comic serves as a setup for the third issue.

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