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Star Wars: Revelations #1

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Based on 9 critic ratings.

The can’t-miss star wars issue of the year!

After WAR OF THE BOUNTY HUNTERS came CRIMSON REIGN… now in the midst of HIDDEN EMPIRE, Qi’ra has shaken the galactic landscape to its core! But what lies beyond for the Rebellion? For the Empire? What role do the bounty hunters play? And what is happening to Doctor Aphra?

Witness the next step in the legacy of heroes and scoundrels in the galaxy far, far away as Marc Guggenheim (Han Solo & Chewbacca) is joined by a ragtag team of artists to bring you an explosive tale you won’t soon forget!

The path to the future of STAR WARS starts here!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97


    Revelations cleverly tie together all the various story threads that have been happening throughout the last year in the Star Wars comics world. No stone is left unturned as it references all the tie-ins and brings them together in order to tell an epic story.
    I loved seeing Vader receive visions from The Eye of Webbish Bog and this was used as a device to show us what had been happening in the various different parts of the Star Wars universe. I also loved the idea of the Force ending because that kind of ties into the ending of the Skywalker Saga. Although I can’t really see the Force coming to a total end as such.
    Overall. I really enjoyed this first issue and can’t wait to read more.

  • 88

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: An entertaining read and a great way to bring new readers into the current comic run of Star Wars. Each part of the story not only serves the bigger narrative but gives the reader a sense of the so far and where it is going. I love all the connections and am excited for the bigger story in the works.
    The Art: All of the artists bring unique and beautifully detailed style to each of the pages and panels of the issue.

  • 82

    The Fandom Post

    Star Wars: Revelations isn’t a bad project but it’s one that provides for a lot of what-if teases to some degree. If it’s basically saying here’s what’s coming in 2023, well, there’s good and bad coming when you get down to it. I’m already frustrated by the current Aphra storyline, a bigger tie to the past with Luke and the gang feels like it’s a big misguided for what that series should be about, and what we glimpse of Sabe and her future doesn’t look all that enjoyable. There are some interesting ideas in there but I’m also just super wary because of the whole Eye of Webbish Blog thing is just bad Star Wars to me and there’s so much going on that it’s all feeling cramped at this point. The upcoming material with Qi’ra is the potential bright spot for me but it’s also being done at a time when I’ve just had such an itch scratched with Andor that knowing I’m not getting anything else like it from anywhere in the comics side is leaving me more frustrated.

  • 80


    Star Wars: Revelations #1 offers an intriguing look at the next wave of stories for the Star Wars comic line, as well as a collection of top-tier artists. Star Wars fans old and new should check it out, as it’s a solid jumping on point.

  • 70

    Graphic Policy

    Overall, Star Wars: Revelations #1 is a muddled mess of an issue. The story by Guggenheim is action packed but looks to do too much in one issue. It teases what’s to come at the detriment of entertainment. The art by the creative team is gorgeous. Altogether, Star Wars: Revelations #1 is an issue that doesn’t quite live up to its ambition and mission.

  • 70

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 60

    Given that this book ultimately serves as a prologue to the upcoming Hidden Empire event, it does a compelling enough job of giving newcomers a primer while justifying it as an in-world narrative as opposed to merely being an anthology of shorter stories to set the stage for the event. However excited we might be to see a rebellious droid taking on Luke Skywalker, it reminds us how dull Beilert Valance’s journey has been in recent months, so while the book succeeds in summarizing the status quo of the galaxy far, far away, it won’t offer too much to longtime readers that’s worthwhile or essential.

  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    Maybe one to come back to later and see how many of the “predictions” turn out to have happened in the actual storyline.

  • 60

    Future of the Force

    The issue has teased a lot about what may happen, but it was not the game-changing “future direction of Star Wars” that I was hoping for. Ajax Sigma is nothing special and may come down to whatever the Fermata Cage is imprisoning to wow me. Though I did love the interaction between Vader and the Eye. That’s really what made it worthwhile for me.

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