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Star Wars: Obi-Wan Kenobi #2 (of 6)

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THE INQUISITORS are on the hunt for JEDI…

On a dangerous crime-ridden world, OBI-WAN becomes a target.

Can Obi-Wan save PRINCESS LEIA without THE EMPIRE realizing he’s alive?

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    Obi-Wan’s search for Leia takes him to a bustling city planet, where he gets a promising lead on the young girl from a hustler posing as a Jedi. While the hustler might help Obi-Wan discover Leia, they don’t do much to slow down the Inquisitor’s in hot pursuit. The setting of this issue and its neon-lit streets highlight the neo-noir elements of this story, which felt a bit lacking when watching the actual episode unfold, as the moodier lighting was counteracted by some of the episode’s sillier moments. While the illustrations are evocative of something like Blade Runner or even fellow series Star Wars: Andor, it also results in multiple sequences where the only focus in a panel is a character in the foreground, with blurred or even nonexistent backgrounds. This highlighted how, while some of the illustrations accurately represent the series, without the distractions of a background and the embrace of moodier lighting, the characters themselves don’t look quite right. The look of this issue makes for an interesting change of pace from last issue’s deserts, though we’re glad the next issue will leave the moodier lighting behind, which could also see another tonal shift in the narrative.

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