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Star Wars: Mace Windu #4 (of 4)

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Just as Mace and smuggler Azita Cruuz arrive at her freighter, they’re beset by Muro, Diya and the leader of their cult, The Shroud.

The Shroud is something that Mace Windu was never trained for and isn’t prepared for – and might push a Jedi Knight to his breaking point!

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  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    Marc Bernadin tells an awesome story that weaves together multiple facets of the Star Wars universe and leaves it open ended for more to possibly come. While this appears to be the end for this series, I hope it isn’t the full end. Because I truly feel there’s a lot of room in the current universe for a Mace Windu story. So Marvel, please continue this story!

  • 80

    In hopes of getting Azita Cruuz to safety, Mace Windu has put himself in harm’s way, while also putting him on a path that saw him colliding with some of the most dangerous forces in the galaxy. The writing and artwork throughout this whole miniseries has been consistently entertaining and engaging, spotlighting why Mace Windu is such a fan-favorite character and what makes him so compelling while not trying to reinvent his role in the franchise. He’s wise, resourceful, and skilled in combat, while also keeping a sense of humor about the situations he finds himself in, with this final issue being just as competent as the previous four issues. The thing that holds the book back is also what makes the book so appealing, is that it is ultimately a sidequest for a beloved character that doesn’t change our opinions of him or impact the franchise as a whole. By limiting the scope of the story, the experience doesn’t get bogged down in the specifics of the rest of the franchise, though these constraints also mean that we’ll only ever be given a somewhat entertaining adventure without relatively low stakes. Still, even if this miniseries isn’t an overall masterpiece, it’s exciting to get to spend this much time with a beloved supporting character from the prequel series that fans can never get enough of.

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