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Star Wars: Knight Errant - Escape #1 (of 5)

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Jedi Knight Kerra Holt’s next mission starts with a very personal and ultrasecret investigation! But with the dark realities of Sith territory surrounding her, something unexpected may be taking hold of the lone Jedi! As she takes the first step toward her goal, Kerra knows there will be no turning back!

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    Major Spoilers

    Coming into this with no knowledge of the first two arcs, I thought I may have a problem understanding some of it, but no the characters and motivations are given just enough details that I was never wanting for more. As a starting point for Knight Errant and Kerra Holt, Escape does a good job and earns 4 out of 5 stars.

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    John Jackson Miller’s story for Escape #1 is directly in line with what fans have come to expect from his Knight Errant series. Several mini-reveals punctuate the book, creating an experience that hinges more on one’s enjoyment of the Star Wars Universe than the pure excitement of the story at hand. Odion is established as a worthy evil to be punished, and Holt’s means of involvement is just far enough removed from her previous adventures that it scores as a progression for the character. The dialog and final twist are appropriate for the afternoon cartoons crowd, but older readers may find them unsophisticated. Also, several moments in the book come about without much explanation, leaving room for puzzlement as to how Wayman knew Kerra’s name and how she was pressed into service so quickly.
    The new mini-series in the Knight Errant line begins as just that: the next episode in a story that’s been running for some time. There isn’t much chance that you’ll find yourself quietly putting the book down and whispering “wow,” but there isn’t much material about which to rant or complain, either. Don’t break your neck trying to find a copy if you haven’t been following the series so far, but, if you’ve been a devoted fan, rest assured that this issue carries on the Knight Errant tradition capably.

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