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Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories #11

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Jedi masters Yoda and Mace WIndu escort a Republic delegation to an archaeological dig, rumored to be the site of a cache of ancient Jedi artifacts. But the lure of the Force is strong, and it’s not long before the party comes under attack by marauders intent on taking the relics for themselves, even if they have to go through two Jedi to do it!

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24 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
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    The Fandom Post

    While I know completely why these books aren’t checked out by regular Star Wars fans often, they’re important books for spreading and building an audience. I had books similar to this when I was a kid and there’s a real charm to them that I still find in this kind of project. Deibert could use putting a bit more detail into it and working the dialogue a bit more as it’s almost a bit too simple at places but it works for what’s trying to be told here. A little more challenge to the audience isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Huang’s artwork is pretty good in capturing the basics of the characters and giving us settings that you can identify well while also having fun with the action. This isn’t going to appeal to most people reading modern Star Wars comics but they’re a charming little piece of fun that helps to build a long-term fan from the early years up.
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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    While the premise sets up for explosive fireworks, the execution and the overall plot behind Hyperspace Stories #11 don’t deliver on that promise. There are a few good moments sprinkled in, but I wish there was just more to talk about.
  • 40

    Not that Star Wars: Hyperspace Stories has a track record of pushing the boundaries of storytelling with the galaxy far, far away, but this standalone tale feels especially underwhelming and like nothing more than an opportunity to mash a bunch of well-known figures into a set number of pages. Mace Windu and Yoda find themselves on a mission to protect ancient relics, only for them and their Youngling companions to fall under an ambush by Count Dooku. That's just about all that can be said about what this issue amounts to, as it feels entirely weightless and like an exercise in futility, as its unexceptional from start to finish. Even for the standards of this series, which skews more towards younger readers, this story offers little for readers to really connect with, as it jumps from arbitrary quips about what it means to be a Jedi and the need to protect Younglings and then to action scenes that have no dramatic weight. We can't say the story is actively, offensively bad, but this issue offers next to nothing as far as an entertaining, superficial outing or a more meaningful, moral lesson that can be imparted on young readers.

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