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Star Wars: Hidden Empire #3 (of 5)

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All of Lady Qi’ra’s plans to destroy the Sith hang in the balance, but she is not alone in her desire to destroy the Dark Lords.

Witness a battle decades in the making, as Darth Vader faces off against an adversary who has spent her entire life training for this one, final shot at revenge.

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  • 97


    This is very much a story within a story. The rescue of the archivist was necessary as she is Qi’ra’s best ally in her bid to bring the Empire down. But it is Channath Cha’s personal story and her hunger for revenge that makes this issue so good. And it is bookended brilliantly at the close of the issue where Qi’ra explains to Cadeliah that Channath Cha’s story is now a part of her story.

    Overall. This was a fantastic issue.

  • 95

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 84

    Future of the Force

    I have several speculations on which Sith may be in the Fermata Cage, but I won’t share my speculations….yet. All I know is that this was a page-turner in the fact that I can’t wait to see the result. How will Vader and Palpatine deal with this new threat? Will he even pose a threat? And what about Ajax Sigma (rogue A.I. who tried to rebel against organics)? What are his plans? I feel we are in for a big showdown that will shake up our perceptions of the Original Trilogy forever and deliver a realization we fans never thought was possible. Excellent comic.

  • 82

    Comic Watch

    The Archivist is set to deliver the Fermata Cage to Lady Qi’ra. In it lies an ancient trapped Sith, but also the power to imprison one. There is no way to know how its usage might affect the entire galaxy.

  • 60

    Vader’s mission puts Kho Phon Farrus and The Archivist in his crosshairs, but as the Sith Lord has been known to make an enemy or two, he’s confronted by a group calling themselves the orphans, who have lost their families due to Vader. They put their research of the villain and battle tactics to work, resulting in an impressive display of power from both sides. While we’re at this third issue of Hidden Empire, we’re still struggling to find an overall narrative throughline of what the goal of this miniseries might be. This book specifically feels like nothing more than a one-shot that displays Vader’s ruthlessness and reminding us that he’s made a lot of enemies, while doing almost nothing to move the overall narrative forward. Luckily, we’ll gladly take any books featuring Vader on the warpath and demonstrating his fighting abilities, so it still makes for an entertaining read, if still leaving us in the dark about where Hidden Empire could be headed.

  • 60

    The Fandom Post

    I’ll give props to the use of acid to try and stop Vader but the reality is that there are so many ways to try and take him down but none have worked, largely due to his connection to the Force and how it’s heightened his situational awareness on top of everything else. Qi’ra herself is given about two pages at the end and a bit of a cold but not unexpected or wrong approach earlier in what must be done in order to get the Fermata Cage to her. Farrus is a non-entity and the Archivist has only a few lines overall. So much of what we get here is just another fruitless attempt at taking down Vader and that’s unfortunately something that is happening in too many of the Star Wars comics these day.

  • 50

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Overall, I was a bit frustrated with the lack of Qi’ra in the final comics in the Qi’ra trilogy. Charles Soule continues to deserve the benefit of the doubt, but the last comics will loom large in my mind over the coming weeks. Here’s to hoping we get a supercharged Qi’ra comic in the fourth issue of Hidden Empire.

  • 20

    Impulse Gamer

    Such a mess it makes you wonder why they bothered. Go watch ANDOR again.

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