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Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 (of 5)

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The mysterious syndicate Crimson Dawn and its leader Lady Qi’ra have become the galaxy’s most wanted criminals, as Emperor Palpatine realizes the scope of Qi’ra’s plans against him and moves to destroy her. But Qi’ra still has tricks up her sleeve, and with the help of the Knights Of Ren and her many other allies, she will not go down without a fight!

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9 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 98


    Star Wars: Hidden Empire does a great job of continuing the development of Lady Qi’ra as a character and I’m loving every page of it. I really enjoyed how the previous book series Crimson Reign gets referenced as well as a few references to the recent storyline in the Star Wars ongoing comic.
    Overall. A really strong start, which ends on a great cliffhanger.

  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Star Wars: Hidden Empire #1 continues Lady Qi’ra’s story in grand fashion, amping up the action and taking Qi’ra’s vendetta against the Emperor to a grander scale. It’s a tense action-packed issue and Lady Qi’ra continues to be one of the greatest characters in the Star Wars universe.

  • 90

    But Why Tho?

    Hidden Empire #1 is enough to leave you desperate to find out what will happen next. Its frame opening feels extraneous for the time being, but the events that unfold are ultimately epic, look incredible, and leave me rattling with anticipation over what the rest of this story will bring.

  • 85

    Comic Watch

    A seemingly horrendous defeat turns out to be narrow victory instead. Qi’ra’s agents will not stop in attempting to accomplish her goals. The final battle continues.

  • 85

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    In terms of a setup issue, I can’t imagine Hidden Empire #1 being much better. Some character choices left me a bit baffled, and the art of Kho Phon Farrus had them looking like a totally different character from their appearance in Doctor Aphra. It’s not my story though, and it’s hardly the first time an artist has a different take on a character. Either way, if all the potential this issue tees up comes to fruition, Hidden Empire going to be a special time.

  • 80

    Impulse Gamer

    A bunch of action to start off this series and the final story of the Crimson Dawn trilogy. Not sure if I will read all the crossovers but this one is worthwhile at least.

  • 75

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 73

    Future of the Force

    Obviously, we know Qi’ra fails to destroy the Sith, yet it is admirable and pleasing to watch her try. Especially since she is not a Force user. The last time someone like her came around to threaten Palps was Gentis from the now-non-canon Darth Vader and the Ghost Prison miniseries. Gentis came awfully close to killing the Sith, but it just wasn’t in the cards. Will Qi’ra get even closer? I plan to see it through to the end.

    The Fermata Cage was an odd-looking device and I didn’t get what it did to the Knights of Ren during the comic. But It looks like something to do with getting wrapped in a tentacled energy barrier. Hmmm. Let’s see where this goes. The art was nothing to write home about. It is standard Marvel but I do very much not like the way Palpatine’s face was drawn. All in all, everything is set up for an epic confrontation.

  • 60

    There’s a lot of places this series can go and we look forward to seeing what it will explore, making for an adequate introductory issue that still has a lot of exciting avenues to potentially explore.

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