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Star Wars: Han Solo & Chewbacca #9

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What’s inside the urn that Jabba the Hutt wants so badly?

Hint: It’s not ashes.

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  • 98


    This was a solid issue, which sees the story building towards an exciting conclusion. The use of Ajax Sigma throws an interesting twist in the plot as it may well tie into the Hidden Empire series. I also love how Marshall Vancto and Han’s father are working together as we all know that the arrangement they have isn’t likely to end well. I look forward to seeing how all of this will play out in the next issue.
  • 80

    While this issue does deliver the madcap adventures of Han and Chewie, along with their beloved banter, it also teases a major plot point for the future of Star Wars comics, and while we already know it won't change the status quo of the original trilogy, it becomes just one more clue towards a major event that all Star Wars comics readers have been looking forward to. What makes this tease so effective is that it manages to build our excitement for the franchise as a hole without detracting from what has made this series so enjoyable, and that's the adventures of Han and Chewie. Without sacrificing the core concept, we're also able to get some exposition about the medium as a whole, which is an unenviable task for any creator, but this book makes it look easy.
  • 70

    The Fandom Post

    The series continues to be a kind of easy fun with what it’s doing while making me wish that I felt for it, or at last some of its supporting characters, more. I disliked the Tarkin interlude the previous time around as it just felt like needless fanservice as I’d rather see something new or at least pedestrian instead of that. What we get here focuses on the way Han’s luck goes as he gets a better idea of what’s really going on here and the way forces usually line up against him. It’s light and breezy but connects better overall this time around with what it needs to do as it’s pretty economical in getting it all done and to the point it needs to for the finale in the next issue.
  • 68

    Comic Watch

    After discovering the true nature of the artifact they now carry, Han and crew must decide their next move. However there will always be more obstacles to overcome in the next and finial issue.
  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    Another series that is wrapping up but this one was only meant to be a shorter series. Maybe best to wait for the trade paperback at this point.

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