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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #3

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THE ARRANGEMENT – A DONE-IN-ONE TALE! MOS EISLEY: you will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy — and even from far away DOCTOR APHRA wears this place like a glove…Caught in her wake, struggling beast-hunters WINLOSS AND NOKK are about to cross paths with their most monstrous adversary yet…Oh blast, is that BLACK KRRSANTAN? And is there really an audience with JABBA THE HUTT up for grabs?

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    Comics: The Gathering

    This issue was pretty incredible. While I love the complex plot of the main story, it's been getting repetitive recently, so a one-shot that returned to Aphra's Indiana-Jones-but-Star-Wars is greatly appreciated. Spurrier was able to fit alotof story into a single issue, and Elsa Charretier's art was amazing as always (She's done a lot of Star Wars comic art, primarily in IDW's Star Wars Adventures series). This issue kinda felt like the "essential" Doctor Aphra issue; it has all the series' classic characters and story structure. I'm sad that this'll be the last annual of the series, since Doctor Aphra Vol 1 is ending at #40 in December, but I'm looking forward to seeing how Alyssa Wong brings a new voice and era to Aphra's story next year when the series reboots.
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    Less a story about Aphra and more a tale about the various characters we've spent time with in her book over the years, most of the story focuses on the Mos Eisley cantina and the types of characters you'd expect to hang out there. Feeling as though she owes things to a number of bounty hunters, Aphra sends out various transmissions that offer them everything they're looking for, only to lead to, in classic Aphra fashion, an unexpected resolution where many of these characters get much more than they bargained for. While Aphra herself might not take up much of the book, the storyline fully honors her spirit and the ways she can think 10 steps ahead of her competition to get exactly what she wants. The book feels much more like a "Mos Eisley Cantina Annual" than an Aphra book, but we don't mind when the scheming is complex, the characters ruthless, and the payoff satisfying. The Annual is far from essential, but as the Aphra series heads towards the finish line, you'll enjoy spending time with the series' supporting characters in this triple-crossing tale of scum and villainy.
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    The Fandom Post

    I continue to enjoy Doctor Aphra and having a standalone adventure here after a couple of sprawling and overly complicated arcs in the main series is definitely welcome. Spurrier continues to do well in bringing out her voice and there's a lot of fun in exploring some of the other characters here with Winloss and Nokk making out the best. The biggest thing for me was just getting to enjoy Elsa Charretier's artwork as she wasn't someone I expected to step into this property and she brings a real bit of life and fun to it. I'm not sure I'd want this ongoing unless it was for something distinctive but I really loved what she brought here and how it played out with this cast.
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    A fun, twisted story is lessened by incomplete visuals and dreary colors. This is a shame because this could have a classic tale. Aphra is barely in this book, but her presence and ability to chart the details in a devious plan are obvious. This reads better than it looks. Decent for long time fans, but off-putting for new readers.

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