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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual #2

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One’s a cyborg with a bad attitude, the other’s a cold-blooded reptile. They’re happily married. They’ve been hired by a mysterious contact to bag an ultra-deadly monster from the heart of an ancient temple. N.B.: For “mysterious contact” read DOCTOR APHRA, who — and this will shock you — is definitely up to something. N.B.: For “happily married” read THIS IS GOING TO GET MESSY.

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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 85

    Bleeding Cool

    Doctor Aphra Annual #2 is an endearing and high-action adventure story set around two new characters in the Star Wars continuity. The dialogue is charming, the pacing is solid, and the art is great. This one comes with a recommendation. Check it out.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    Doctor Aphra is a fun character in general and this is a fun enough book overall, even if her presence in a lot of it is just a headshot hologram encouraging the journey. It makes for an enjoyable read the second time around once you have the trick of what’s going on but it was fun in the discovery phase too, especially if you figure out the trick ahead of time and enjoy the journey. Spurrier continues to handle the Star Wars world well, though I hope he gets the opportunity to orchestrate something big at some point, what Caspar Wijngaard’s artwork is really great and I hope we see him providing something for a miniseries or guesting on a main Star Wars book in the near future.

  • 60

    Star Wars: Doctor Aphra Annual shifts focus away from the archaeologist slightly to focus instead on monster hunters Winloss and Nokk, with Aphra revealing herself to have hired the duo to procure a rare beast for a superior. Aphra appears as a hologram guiding the duo through a labyrinthine cavern towards fortune and a possible fatal encounter, leading to the issue culminating with a reveal of Aphra’s ultimate scheme. For better or worse, this second Annual keeps with the tradition of the Aphra series introducing all-new characters and focusing on their exploits, which may excite some readers while annoying others. As far as this duo goes, they’re mildly entertaining, making for a mostly fulfilling story. Many of us would rather have seen Aphra’s encounter more familiar faces, but, given the current state of the overly complex narrative in Doctor Aphra, it was a relief to see a self-contained story.

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