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Star Wars: Doctor Aphra #40

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The TAGGE FLEET burns. The GALAXY reels. DOCTOR APHRA is alone.

But as she explores an ancient ruin on a desolate planet, Aphra may find the answers she’s been hunting for her entire life.

Is this the end for DOCTOR APHRA?!

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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 90

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    It’s a shame we have to wait a while to see her again, but in the meantime we have this wonderful ending to savor.

  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    I continue to enjoy the character of Aphra but I struggle with a lot of her adventures and what she gets wrapped up. It’s not pining for what the character was at the start – they’ve thankfully evolved over time – but the things that make her special often feel like they get lost to me in the bigger picture of tie-in storylines and other things with far too expansive casts and ideas that are bigger than it should or needs to be. The book ends as you’d expect with friends and bigger plans in the future and new threats as well so it does what it needs and should do. But part of me would have loved a more “Empire” ending with Aphra alone and realizing what she wants and not able to get it just yet.

  • 80

    In order to thwart The Spark, Aphra took some drastic measures that saw her cutting herself off from her closest allies, though also saw her colliding with a valuable artifact. Despite spending years alienating those closest to her, these actions ended up showing her the ways in which these people impacted her, much to her dismay, she reluctantly accepts that she has a new outlook on what’s most important to her. Serving as a sendoff to this run of Star Wars: Doctor Aphra, the book is largely told in Aphra’s own voice, recounting how Sana Starros and Magna Tolvan left a major impact on her outlook of treasure-hunting and, namely, how they’ve opened her eyes to the downside of backstabbing everyone around you for your own personal gain. It marks one of the more significant and direct evolutions of the character since we met her years ago, while much of her shifts in attitude were either subtle, indirect, or temporary. While this era of Doctor Aphra is coming to an end, this final issue marks a self-reflective moment for the character that delivers what fans have liked most about the series, which is Aphra’s own personality and journey. Regardless of who she encounters along the way or the high-stakes journeys she embarks on or her inclusion in company-wide crossovers, Aphra is always the standout component of any issue and, while we’re sad to see this stretch of stories conclude, it also marks a great reset of her status in the galaxy far, far away. Whatever the future might hold for the character, whether she is included in a team-up book or a solo title is relaunched, Aphra is in a better place than ever from both an emotional and narrative standpoint.

  • 80


    With this final issue we see the growth of the character and also the loyalty of her friends who come after Doctor Aphra. It’s a nice bookend to the series while setting up Aphra’s next adventures with Sana and Magna. Whether she meant to or not, Chelli Lona Aphra has found a crew and a family. However, she’s also got new trouble on the horizon with the introduction of Imperial Melchior Votto who hires bounty hunter Raslin Grace to track down the illusive archeologist.

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