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Star Wars: Darth Vader #44

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RISE OF THE MAR CORPS! DARTH VADER is picking up the pieces after the SCOURGE wreaked havoc. But could a REBEL SQUAD of cyborgs bring chaos to the DARK LORD of order?! Who are Vader’s new TROOPERS? Find out here!

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    The Fandom Post

    There’s always an element of “nothing matters” because we know how this story ends but you can really enjoy a good expansion on the period between. And I like the idea here but the execution hasn’t worked for me because it goes back to the story between Vader and Palpatine that has dominated the book for quite a long time now. It’s not a bad rivalry to focus on considering they’re Sith and all, but it’s been the totality of things outside of some brief excursions into event books. It feels like we’ve not gotten enough shorter or standalone Vader stories that aren’t part of a vast conspiracy and that’s just made everything too big too regularly.

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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    The main mission in this issue revolves around this new character and his story is wonderfully written, but once it’s over there’s a sense that it was just a small part of a larger story — Vader amassing his forces before his next big attack on the Emperor. There are plenty of political machinations happening in the background though, which adds a lovely layer of intrigue ahead of future issues.

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    Vader and his Imperial Schism continues to recruit new members to sew the seeds of discordance among the Galactic Empire, potentially allowing Vader to overthrow the Emperor once and for all, but as if this wasn’t an deceptive enough double cross, there might be even more factions capable of carrying out deceptions of their own. This chapter continues to explore the growing unrest felt by members of the Empire, who are often regarded as a faceless, nefarious entity blinding acting under the orders of Vader and the Emperor, but now that their motives could be at odds, we get to see new glimpses at the monolithic organization. While we aren’t given anything substantially engaging in the narrative itself, the book doesn’t betray what the previous issues were setting up. It does seem like there could be a master plan for how the events of this arc will impact Vader’s relationship to the Emperor, and we look forward to seeing the overall impact on their dynamic, yet this issue only left us wanting more.

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