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Star Wars: Darth Vader #37

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KILLER DROIDS have taken over DARTH VADER’S flagship Super Star Destroyer, the EXECUTOR!

Will the lessons of JEDI MASTERS QUI-GON and OBI-WAN save him from the SCOURGE – or make him a tool for its galactic conquest?

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    The ancient entity of the Scourge has already shown it was infecting the Galactic Empire, with this issue of Star Wars: Darth Vader showing the ramifications and the widespread nature of the infection. Vader himself, however, could have the abilities to overcome the infection and show what happens with the might of the Dark Side is unleashed on these droids in their uprising. While fans know that whatever Vader’s encounters with these Dark Droids won’t be anything especially noteworthy, as the ramifications don’t factor into any future stories, but merely the tease that Vader might be preparing to lay waste to a legion of droids makes for something a bit more action-packed and superficially entertaining, which is exciting in another capacity. While we’re not entirely sold on the overall “Dark Droids” event quite yet, the glimpses of how Vader reflected on his Jedi training to strengthen his Sith powers, seemingly teasing the balance of his allegiances shifting away from Palpatine, have us intrigued by what the end result of this event will be for the galaxy far, far away.

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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Overall this issue did its job of turning up the heat for the crossover and while its symbolism was heavy-handed, it was so completely justified. I am excited to see where this crossover event will lead considering the challenges it poses ahead.

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    The Fandom Post

    There’s a good bit of fun to all of this and I’m glad to get Vader back on a ship and doing something than what he’s been up to recently, as neat as the visuals of it all are. At the same time, the loss of what, 80,000 crewmembers from a ship that we’re going to see in the next film in the storyline is a big shake to the continuity tree. But everything about this Dark Droids storyline is and I’m just so wary of it as we get closer to the end of storytelling in this era. Pak does a solid job of making it all work here and the artwork is great Ienco just has such a great take on Vader – especially with a staff and shield – and I love seeing more of the Executor. The flashback moments are what helped salvage a lot of this in a way as we get to see more of the slow erosion of the Sith aspects within Vader.

  • 80

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 75

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Star Wars: Darth Vader #37 is the third part in the Dark Droids crossover event. This issue actually shows how dangerous this new galactic threat could be as imperial droids are possessed and start mowing down the Imperials on The Executor, meanwhile Vader uses whatever he has on hand to fight this new threat. The writing and art are good and the setup with this new threat is solid as it gives the comic a sort of zombie story vibe to it. However, the dialogue of the annoying droids and the overuse of flashbacks to well-known scenes in Star Wars films and TV shows are a little excessive in this comic.

  • 70

    Comic Watch

    With Palpatine incapacitated, its up to Mas Amedda to deal with the dark droid uprising himself. He will have no problems sacrificing Vader to do so. Vader however, is a tough nut to crack.

  • 60


    It’s a fun enough issue, with plenty of Sith-on-droid violence, but one you could skip over without missing any important story beats.

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