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Star Wars: Darth Vader #3

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When a Dark Lord needs help, who can he turn to? Meet Aphra, the galaxy’s foremost raider of lost weaponry! Plus, could these be the deadly droids she’s looking for?

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11 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    The Fandom Post

    This is what I was waiting for. This is where we see the potential of not just the character, but in doing some really strong material within the Star Wars universe that feels cohesive and a part of things but builds on it rather than replicating it. There are obvious echoes to the films that one would expect, as the films played that card well, but with the introduction of Aphra and the two droids, it all feels like we’re seeing something really grand taking shape here. Aphra is a huge sell for the book and with her personality, dialogue and Larroca’s design for her, she should be a nearly instant hit with fans that I’d almost hazard would rival Boba Fett in a way if given a chance. I’m completely enamored by her and the potential with her, and what she and Vader and this team he may be putting together can do while off in the larger Star Wars universe.

  • 90


    Darth Vader#3 introduces some new themes, some new characters, and overall imprints a lot of fun into the series, while still maintaining its dark tone with the sulky Lord Vader.

  • 85

    Unleash The Fanboy

    Darth Vader #3 does a wonderful job of developing on it’s already intriguing plot, with the introduction of Doctor Aphra and Triple Zero allowing this tale to diverge further from the normal Star Wars pattern. The mixture of personalities also allows for great balance, with certain areas of some being more joyful than the others.

  • 84


    A good set up, but nothing more, as yet.

  • 80

    Comics: The Gathering

    If you were waiting for this series to find a stronger footing in terms of the story, this is the issue you were waiting for. After spending two issues of setting up the tone and setting of this series, Kieron Gillen is getting to his real story. Although, this issue is merely a set-up for that but it remains great nonetheless. This comic captures Vader in every way that you would hope for and that’s what makes it so good. Read

  • 80


    Let’s start with the obvious—Vader has a girlfriend! Okay, not really, but the presence of Doctor Aphra is one of immediate importance, Gillen gifting the Sith Lord an ally not clad in white and black armor. Introducing an original character, into canon no less, is no small feat, and it’s something Gillen mostly pulls off. Aphra is at once engaging, her devil-may-care attitude calling to mind another freewheeling pilot. That same attitude does get a bit overblown at times, as her interactions with Vader seem a bit too flippant considering the infamous company. That said, it’s somewhat refreshing to have a positive character who also happens to side with the Empire, making this particular odd couple one to look forward to with interest.

  • 80

    Comic Vine

    The formula this issue follows is still an effective one, and heres to hoping that this isnt Doctor Aphra, or her droids, sole appearances in this new, exciting Star Wars Universe. They may not be the most original of characters, but that doesnt mean theyre not any fun, and this issue does a great job introducing them to us. Vaders goals are becoming grander and grander, and its going to be interesting to see how this ties back into the Original Trilogy (if at all) or how he keeps it all under wraps.

  • 80

    “Darth Vader” #3 is a huge step forward for the series. The fun of the “Star Wars” universe isn’t necessarily in its plot but its playability. Issue #3 takes advantage of that and — instead of merely dropping Easter eggs — it devotes a whole lot of plot space to describing and explaining droids. Working in a different universe, it might have been preferable to move faster but, with “Darth Vader” #3, it results in a great read.

  • 70


    Unless the series is going to be Darth Vader cutting a huge swath through the galaxy leaving dead bodies in his wake (don’t get me wrong, that could work), the series needs characters like Aphra to ping conversation and ideas off of. I’m intrigued to see where the comic goes from here. Worth a look.

  • 60


    A decent issue that slowly progresses the plot and introduces an interesting new character, but it’s so darn sparse you’ll be done reading in a few minutes and think about it thereafter for even less.

  • 60

    Comic Crusaders

    Marvel are putting a lot of work into their new Wars books. My worry, evidenced here, is the rehashed set pieces which will eventually lead to boredom, if it hasn’t already.

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