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Star Wars: Darth Vader #21

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Based on 7 critic ratings.

Bounty Hunters on the attack…against the Empire! Darth Vader and Aphra continue their alliance, but how long will it last? Plus, who is Tagge’s mysterious new agent?

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23 pages
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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96


    This is what you show people to get them to follow Star Wars comics. An excellent read with a split story following the Sith and his prey.
  • 95


    A strong third issue in the arc delivers on creepy vibes. The man is broken and this issue ties us to those broken bits with great storytelling. About as strong as visually arresting comic book storytelling can get.
  • 90

    The Fandom Post

    Darth Vader has a very solid installment in this arc that definitely has that feeling of wrapping up various threads that Kieron Gillen has had in here from early on. With a larger story arc for the series as a whole, there's a lot to like in seeing it all come together here, even if it is mostly third act material of action/closure. Vader's story is solid here and Larroca gets to play with some great locales and characters while Aphra's story is just as engaging but with the necessary lighter elements to make you grin and laugh all while feeling very, very, apprehensive about her future. Great stuff all around once again.
  • 82


    This series is rapidly moving towards its climax, and there's a definite sense of finality to the conflict as Vader makes his move against Cylo and Dr. Aphra realizes she'll never be able to escape her master's clutches.
  • 80

    Vader arrives on Mustafar, forcing his companions to design a structure for him to call a home. Unhappy with initial designs, a moment of divine intervention strikes, both literally and figuratively, to help Vader create his intimidating abode while also bringing to life a mysterious legend of the Sith. This issue might only be the third installment in the arc, but the storyline exploring Vader's fortress on Mustafar has already had its ups and downs, allowing this installment to merely exist and move the plot forward. While it's neither action-packed nor an exposition dump, intriguing readers with Vader's mysterious motivations. Readers also get to see a new side of the Empire with its depiction of an architect who must collaborate with Vader, exploring how not everyone involved in the evil organization was a military mastermind or ruthless soldier. We can't wait to see what the next chapter holds.
  • 80

    Multiversity Comics

    A New Darth? The Vader Strikes Back? 2 Darth 2 Vader? Whatever you want to call this issue, know this, he’s back and taking on the galaxy.
  • 70


    Darth Vader #21 is an action-heavy issue as both Vader and Aphra's storylines contain extended actions sequences. Although Aphra has reason to fear what Vader wants her for, she has no choice to comply. Worth a look.

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