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Star Wars: Dark Droids - D-Squad #3 (of 4)

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R2-D2 continues to assemble his new D-SQUAD to fight the deadly DROID SCOURGE!

Now R2-D2 is looking for a way to help his friend C-3PO… but does he find LOVE instead?

Featuring the return of QT-KT!

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    At one point in this issue of D-Squad, a character utters, "Finally! Some genuine bedlam!" which seems to sum up the overall vibe of this installment in the miniseries. While we've enjoyed seeing the unexpected gang of droids who have joined forces for the miniseries aiming to put an end to the scourge, the previous issues seemed to skirt by more on good will than on any genuine narrative momentum, and while there's still something to be desired by way of that narrative impetus, this penultimate issue of the story seems to finally be making good on the promise of its premise, showcasing how it could be these batch of droids that stops the scourge from conquering the universe. When all is said and done, we doubt that D-Squad will be looked back on as the crux of Star Wars storytelling in 2023, but given how the Dark Droids event has been a bit underwhelming across its various crossover titles, even being given a somewhat entertaining experience that delivered both action and humor is something worth shining a light on.
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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Despite my ranting, I wouldn’t classify this issue as bad. Dark Droids: D-Squad is a victim of an ambitious crossover hell-bent on finishing before the year is up. It’s the weird uncle you include in the family gathering, only to remember why you never answer their calls during the rest of the year. You love them, and they provide a laugh or two at the dinner table, but it quickly becomes time to move on. R2-D2 will do something absolutely insane in the next issue or in Dark Droids #5 to help beat the Scourge, and it will be awesome, and we’ll forget this ever happened.

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