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Star Wars: Dark Droids #4 (of 5)

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The EMPIRE decrees: BEWARE THE DROIDS! Horrible laboratories across the galaxy are focused on transporting his many minds from DROIDS…into ORGANICS!

But unbeknown to the Scourge, a FINAL CHALLENGE to its total victory is building, from an enemy it believed it had defeated once and for all!

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24 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Un Cómic Más

    Exciting episode full of action and terror, this event continues to increase the level of tension, mystery and surprise with each new twist.

    Art is highly detailed and captures the tone and designs of the original Star Wars trilogy, with epic sequences, sci-fi and horror.

  • 100

    Future of the Force

    I cannot complain a lick about this miniseries or this story event. My only gripe is that it will soon be over. However, I have tons of unanswered questions, and hope the writers don’t trip at the finish line. Anyone can write a good beginning. A story is only as good as its conclusion.

  • 85

    Fortress of Solitude

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    Dark Droids has been working better than I expected overall but there are so many icky moments along the way – and the scale of it being so big – that it just rubs me the wrong way. Soule has had the best scripts in giving it the serious and important feeling and asking the difficult questions. There’s a lot of good stuff with the Scourge’s council that it set up here but also the reality of the hunger that is continually pushing it to consume and move forward. It’s nicely done with some great artwork and a sense of real foreboding about what’s to come, but we’re also so close to the end of the event that it has that sense of ending so suddenly very soon.

  • 70

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Between Ajax Sigma and D-Squad, Darth Vader, the hybroids, Luke, Leia and Lando, and the fate of the Droid Scourge itself, Dark Droids #5 has a lot to wrap up. I can’t wait to see how it manages it.

    And don’t forget – despite what the Next poster says, do not read Star Wars #41 before Dark Droids #5 if you want to stay clear of spoilers!

  • 60

    Focusing largely on the scourge itself, we kind of sort of start to get some glimpses of insight not only into what the whole plan is, but also the futility of such a plan, as the droid grapples with itself and its various components and questions what this whole endeavor is for. In a sense, this issue feels like a surrogate for the audience, wondering why any of this is happening, why now, and the pointlessness of it all. To a degree, even the scourge itself seems to think all of its actions are meaningless in the grand scheme of things, so for the book itself to be self-reflexive, we appreciate that we’re not alone in questioning what the hell has been going on in Star Wars comics these last few months. This installment is both existential and expositional, though also marks some of the closest steps we’ve come to learning why this crossover event is happening in the first place. As the Dark Droids event starts to wind down, we’re crossing our fingers that it has a satisfying payoff, but it seems even the creatives might be doubting their own convictions, even if the event has been offering glimmers of delight.

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