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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #38

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ZUCKUSS, 4-LOM and their fellow bounty hunters face a deadly droid ambush!

VALANCE’s life hangs in the balance!

What role has GENERAL GRIEVOUS played in the chaos roiling the galaxy?

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23 pages
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    This continues to be an enthralling story that continues to keep me guessing. Although it was revealed to some extent that Kligson was a bit of a crook in the last issue. This issue pretty much confirms it. I loved the fact that Kligson was speaking to T’onga and her crew all along via having remotely taken operation of the leader of the Droid Haven. I also enjoyed seeing the backstory to how that all happened.

  • 65

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Comics almost always end on a cliffhanger; it’s a staple of the medium. The best cliffhangers are organic, quietly built throughout an issue that leaves you ravenous for what’s next. Bounty Hunters has been heading toward a breaking point for several issues. Will Beilert Valance be saved? Can his humanity be restored, or is the human-cyborg doomed to forget everything he ever loved? It was a fate worse than death, placed on him by someone he once held dear.

    Bounty Hunters #38 finally has an answer, although I can’t help but wish it came at the end of a better issue.

  • 60

    As the bounty hunters await updates on Valance possibly having his memory restored, a flashback shows that the space station they are on has a history with General Grievous, proving that the station’s inhabitants are devoted to their mission, even when up against a threat like Grievous. Between the bounty hunters waiting for Valance, glimpses of Valance’s “repairs,” Zuckuss and 4-LOM confronting a droid army, and Grievous flashbacks, we’re given many glimpses and fragments of a variety of stories, none of which are particularly engaging yet aren’t necessarily throttling the overall story. The whole Dark Droids event sprawling across Star Wars comics has been more superficial than other events, leaning into a conceptual spectacle as opposed to a galaxy-defining landmark, so this issue and its fragmented story just cement some pieces into specific places to possibly lead towards a more fulfilling future. It’s not bad, but it’s not great, though this chapter in the saga could prove to be a necessary stepping stone to something larger.

  • 60

    Fortress of Solitude

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