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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #37

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The BOUNTY HUNTERS must contend with the looming shadow of the sins of BOBA FETT’S father!

What is the secret that lurks on the mysterious droid outpost, THE HAVEN?

Who is TARR KLIGSON and what is his connection to Jango Fett?

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21 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 95


    Ethan Sacks does a pretty solid job of continuing this story arc and bringing in elements from the various Star Wars movies and TV shows in order to add some seasoning to the proceedings. I quite enjoyed the Flashback in which we see Jango Fett taking the Fixer to the same space station as T’onga is going to in the present.

    I also liked seeing the Cloners on Kamino getting used again as a story element as it’s been a while since we last saw them in the comics.

    Overall. A fun read.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    Coming into this series so much later means it’s definitely weird when you hit the crossover storyline and realize what’s going on since you read most of it elsewhere already. The Star Wars books get repetitive in covering events so I’m not exactly thrilled to be at this point but Dark Droids had some solid stuff happening off at the edges and Bounty Hunters may be playing there. We do get some decent stuff with T’onga and the crew as they deal with being on this strange station and the minor horror house in space elements are certainly fun even if they just feel like too much when you get down to it.

  • 70

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Bounty Hunters #37 isn’t the most eventful issue, but it’s structured in a clever way that answers almost every question and packs some sly parallels to the Legends story of Kligson and his “droid world.”

  • 60

    In hopes of repairing Valance’s decaying mind, his fellow bounty hunters take him to a remote station they learned about from Boba Fett. While there, they uncover a connection the station has to a bizarre sect of droids, some of which have been activated by the Scourge that is spreading across the galaxy. On its own, this issue is mostly fine, in that the story of these bounty hunters is being moved forward without drawing too much on ancillary or unnecessary figures, as the plot boils down to “bounty hunters go to a place.” The book teases the connections of this space station to important events and key figures, though this chapter either blew those connections out of proportion or it planted the seeds for an actually interesting reveal further down the line. Given the history of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters book, we’ll settle for a somewhat underwhelming entry as opposed to one that is actively irritating, and hope that more thrilling issues are over the horizon.

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