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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #34

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The BOUNTY HUNTERS must take on the INFERNO SQUAD head-on!

This is the final fight of the Bounty Hunters as you know them! The fallout will shake the lineup to its core… Who STAYS? Who GOES? Who JOINS?

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  • 97


    This issue does a solid job of wrapping up the arc involving the Empire’s mission to wipe Valance’s memory, but it also sees some changes to Tonga’s crew as they prepare for their next big job. I really liked the brief flashback that we were shown about Valance’s childhood, which showed us the stakes of what would happen should the empire win. I also liked how the issue closed out with Tonga having to make a really difficult command decision.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The brevity of this storyline works in its favor because it is a quick and simple operation overall that Inferno Squad is trying to get done here. It doesn’t need to sprawl into something bigger and by focusing on it in a small way it feels like it hits better. We do get some minor nods to Valance’s past that shows just what a rough present this is and that’s a welcome addition as well. The rest of the book, however, is again given over to Vukorah as they’re working to gain more power and control by using IG-88 to deal with the Syndicate elements that are a threat to them. There’s nothing surprising about it and it unfolds almost as you’d expect panel by panel but it’s effective in showing what the Syndicate is now like and how much has changed since the start of the series. Still not my favorite part by any stretch but it’s effective in getting things done.

  • 60

    Inferno Squad catches up to Valance and his crew to enact their orders, while IG-88 tracks down the leader of the Unbroken Clan, with chaos ensuing among all the bounty hunters. Despite relatively recent issues of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters teasing that the story could be evolving into something narratively worthwhile, the events of this installment essentially fall flat, delivering nothing more than a handful of visually compelling combat scenes. These encounters are engaging, yet come with short-term consequences that feel entirely hollow. Valance potentially has a more grim future ahead of him, but this book, like the worst of Bounty Hunters, just feels like a hid in a toybox who mashes all their characters together in a playful battle before putting them all peacefully back into the box. There’s nothing notable dramatically, other than leaving us to hope the closing of this chapter could see the next installment actually investing in an exciting storyline.

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    Impulse Gamer

    I must admit this was kind of a let down after all the build-up they did for it, not as bad as the Crimson Dawn story arc but pretty meh all the same. Valance does not have anything to live for and no reason to serve the Empire now. Bit annoyed that my favourite one of T’Onga’s crew also decided to leave.

    This was one of the first titles I reviewed when I first started almost four years ago but I am not sure if I will continue every issue as it seems to be going issue to issue with not much going forward these days.

    By all means get this one if you have been following this far.

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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    The good times in Ethan Sacks’ Star Wars: Bounty Hunters couldn’t last forever. After a string of incredible issues that made you wonder if this series was secretly the best Marvel series running, issue #34 arrives to bring this golden era of the run to a rudderless end.


    The big positive before we go is that artist Paolo Villanelli goes out on a high. Good luck, sir, on your next venture (Captain Marvel: Dark Tempest if anyone is curious). The smaller moments with Valance thinking about his family as their memory fades were chilling. I also may have critiqued the action as a flip factory, but it was still drawn engagingly. Only if you look past the fact that nothing in Bounty Hunters matters anymore. I hope to be proven wrong and this issue is just a blip as Marvel barrels into the next major event.

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