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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #33

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The DARK LORD has ordered one of the EMPIRE’S deadliest commando units to take out VALANCE, BOSSK, 4-LOM and ZUCKUSS! Meanwhile, assassin droid IG-88 has his sights on another high-value target. But who is he after and who hired him? Featuring fan favorites from the hit video game, STAR WARS: BATTLEFRONT II!

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22 pages
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    This penultimate issue of this story arc delivers the goods as Commander Versio demonstrates how sneaky she can be. I loved the eventual meeting between Versio and T’onga and the brief fight that follows. I’m also enjoying the continued antagonistic relationship between Bossk and Valance, which is something that has been boiling over since the third issue, which is a long time given that this book started its run in early 2020.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The book does spend some time with the Unbroken Clan as Vukaroh is orchestrating his own odd takeover of the group by taking a lot from it and essentially quitting, but that comes as IG-88 is there as well to kill off a lot of members for the bounties on them. I’ve lost the plot a bit on this particular storyline and I know it’ll factor into things by the end but it’s sitll not doing much for me. The material with Bossk and Valance is fun and I’m enjoying watching T’onga managing this whole situation. I wish Inferno Squad had more quality time here and that they weren’t reduced to a big two-page piece that has them simply doing an info-dump on things. They’re a fun and interesting group and could be better employed than what we get here.

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    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Bounty Hunters #33 is a setup issue, but it puts all the pieces in place very well for the final chapter. Inferno Squad presents the biggest threat to our crew yet, and I will be spending the next month wondering how they get out of this. This issue is immense fun for fans of Battlefront II, and it was great to see this team in its prime once again. I wish there were more than one issue left with them because they just got here to mix things up.

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    The narrative of Star Wars: Bounty Hunters has been the weak point of the series, because readers are more invested in the action between brutal figures more than nuance or complexity, with this debut issue in a new storyline bringing potential excitement to the series. The introduction of the fan-favorite Inferno Squad from Star Wars video games will appeal to those fans, while their introduction also allows for introductions of the recurring bounty hunters themselves, feeling almost like it could work as a complete reboot. The collision course that brings them together isn’t entirely exceptional, but the dynamic of a group of Imperials tracking down a group of bounty hunters is more engaging than a bunch of criminals who are pit against one another, so despite not being entirely impressive, this issue marks an improvement from a majority of the overall series and could lead into some genuinely fulfilling reveals on the horizon.

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    Impulse Gamer

    Even though T’Onga’s crew is on the run from an elite hit squad sent by the Empire, they seem to spend most of the time in this story fighting each other. Meanwhile IG-88cleans house at another gangster’s place. Surely they will run out of those droids soon enough?

    After thinking this was definitively going to end I am not sure now, but I am still not sure who is going to survive apart from Tasu Leech who has plot armour until at least the Force Awakens.

    This one is good enough but I would go out of my way to read it. Seems to have lost a lot since Valance doesn’t really have anything to live for anymore and the Empire only wants to get rid of him as he has information about the new Death Star in his brain. Most likely he does not even know this.

    Valance has already died in the old “Legends” continuity so pretty much he is going to here at some point too but I am not sure when.

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