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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #31

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Based on 5 critic ratings.


Valance is out for revenge against Darth Vader!

Can T’onga and her team save their fellow bounty hunter from a fatal confrontation?

And will Vukorah survive the assassins throwing the underworld into chaos?

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22 pages
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5 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 98


    A brilliant issue with some fantastic character moments. I loved the part at the end where Zuckus boast about his race’s expertise for finding things when T’onga and the crew are looking for Valance who has just fallen off a rock face. The art as mentioned above is truly epic in this issue and the battle between Vader and Valance has been well and truly earned. But there is still unfinished business, which means that the empire has not finished with Valance yet.

  • 85

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Issue #31 sees Beilert Valance come face-to-face with the one who took everything from him: Darth Vader. Lieutenant Haydenn looks on, torn between her duty to the Empire and her feelings towards Valance. After such groundbreaking events in the last issue, you’d hope everyone affected by this conflict would get a chance to grieve and decompress before doing something they might regret. Unfortunately, this isn’t that type of story.

  • 80

    Not only does the book satisfy those in seek of compelling and villainous showdowns, but also teases that the future will enlist other fan-favorite characters for even more exciting exploits. Bounty Hunters hasn’t been this good in months and has set the bar high for its future.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The problem with using Vader is that he’s been in so much stuff and made so impossibly powerful that there’s not a lot of believability to fights like this. Valance’s lashing out is handled well and the anger is righteous and it’s no fault at trying to get revenge but as a reader it’s just another person striking out that you know won’t win and who himself won’t suffer anything from the failure since they’re not killing him off anytime soon. It’s why I wish they’d spend less time with name characters and more on expanding things. Bounty Hunters has tried to do that but it leans so much into uninteresting characters that leans more into action and doesn’t get to develop them all that much. It continues to be fun but is still largely, sadly, forgettable.

  • 60

    Impulse Gamer

    If you can get over this story not having the denency to end when it is the perfect time to it is alright I suppose. Impact of Darth Vader reduces if they are using him too much in these stories.

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