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Star Wars: Bounty Hunters #24

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Dengar is leading T’onga’s bounty hunter crew on a desperate attempt to break into the Crimson Dawn’s stronghold – and he’s also leading them into a trap! Meanwhile, Valance has found new purpose as Darth Vader’s secret weapon. But how far will he be willing to go to protect an Imperial officer from assassins?

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    The Fandom Post

    Dengar’s still not my favorite bounty hunter by any stretch but he manages to pull off an amusing trick here that should help him in the long run but you know that it’s going to go badly for him by the end. Attempting to play the bounty hunters that are paying him against the Crimson Dawn folks that are playing him so that they destroy each other is a straightforward approach and one that you imagine has been written into anything that Crimson Dawn would do with him knowing how he operates. The book works the action well and, most importantly, remembers that Valance exists and gives him something fun to do even if it is pretty brief all around. That alone helps this issue be more interesting but Dengar’s execution of his plan made it a lot of fun as well.

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    Impulse Gamer

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