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Star Wars #44

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After the events of DARK DROIDS, LANDO is at a crossroads.

Saving his friend LOBOT has cost him more than he expected as now ADMIRAL ACKBAR and MON MOTHMA are putting Lando on trial.

With THE REBELLION locked in battle with THE EMPIRE, how will this trial’s end impact the Rebellion’s future?

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22 pages
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6 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 97


    We’ve been waiting a few months for this particular story arc and it’s gotten off to a great start. I enjoy the fact that Calrissian is somewhat remorseful for his actions as it’s a side of him we haven’t seen before. I also quite enjoyed the discussion at the start of the book between Leia, Mon Mothma, General Madine, and Admiral Akbar about how they should proceed in pursuing justice for the Alliance.

  • 84

    The Fandom Post

    While we’ve had a lot of Lando focus for a while now and going into a trial storyline for him may be a bit much, it’s done quite well and is what I’ve been looking for. I mean, it’s going to be the equivalent of a TV legal drama in that it’ll be straightforward and legal-light but it’s how the thing unfolds that has me curious since they’re mixing in some interesting characters, making both Ackbar and Madine a lot more problematic, and it brings Georgio back for another run. I like the interactions she has with just about everyone and the way she kind of feels like she glides in here and has this air of aloofness about her but still has something of a slimy lawyer feeling. I’m curious about what’s going on with Mon Mothma and how they’ll use that to save Lando’s bacon along the way but mostly this is a good opening installment to the storyline.

  • 80

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    Soule manages to keep the process fun and engaging when it would have been easy to get bogged down in legal drama and exposition. He manages to insert some action at the end in a pretty shocking development, though we know everything will be okay in the end.

  • 70


    Star Wars #44 kicks off “The Trial of Lando Calrissian” in a way that is engaging and intriguing despite the ultimate outcome being known, centering the tension, like this series’ best stories, not on “what will happen?” but “how will it happen?”

  • 70


    After much setup, we are introduced to Lando’s lawyer Salli Georgio who is still finding her strategy as the trial commences, as she points out the judges know Lando is guilty but what they need to offer is a reason for them not to care. Just in time for a much-needed distraction, Mon Mothma (serving as a judge by Holonet) is taken prisoner which makes me wonder if/how the trial will continue at the same time a rescue mission goes underway or if Lando’s fate will have to wait for another day.

  • 60

    Lando Calrissian is being put on trial by the Rebel Alliance for his actions during the Dark Droids event, and given that we’ve never really seen how a trial unfolds in the galaxy far, far away, we’re given some unconventional storytelling opportunities that, as of this debut installment, are quite wordy. Early on in the book, Leia expresses that the importance of the trial is more to show the rest of the Rebellion how the higher-ups will handle traitors, setting up some fascinating exploration of how things will unfold once the Empire is defeated. This book doesn’t go much beyond that interesting set up, as the early stages of the trial itself are relatively dull and are interrupted by more lively events, so while the impending trial could bring more satisfying experiences than the overall Dark Droids crossover, this first chapter did little more than set the stage for something that has the potential to be a fascinating exploration of the mythology of the franchise, yet we haven’t actually been given that glimpse quite yet. We won’t give up on the storyline just yet, but we’re off to a relatively middling start.

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