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Star Wars #42

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LUKE SKYWALKER knows his destiny is leading him toward a confrontation with DARTH VADER. Vader is a Dark Lord of THE SITH, and Luke is barely even a JEDI.

To have any chance at survival, Luke must find a way to train himself in the battle techniques he will soon face.

He must find… ANOTHER SITH!

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  • 95


    Charles Soule continues to put together an interesting lead-in story for Luke’s eventual confrontation with Darth Vader. I enjoyed the idea of Luke maybe finding something out about how to convert Vader to the light side of the force while learning how to turn the Red Kyber Crystals back to their natural colours.

    We get left with a fun cliffhanger in which it very much looks like Luke is about to face an opponent within the Crystal who was maybe just as powerful as Vader. I’m looking forward to the next issue to see how this gets resolved.

  • 80

    Coming out of the “Dark Droids” event, Luke Skywalker returns to try to uncover the secrets of a kyber crystal that had been corrupted by the Sith, which inserts him into the crystal itself in a bizarre and hypnotic journey. The issue teases that Luke will be trapped in the crystal forever, and while we know that’s not true and this undercuts the stakes of the adventure, it feels like such a relief compared to the event that preceded it, as this one chapter teases a more compelling blend of superficial excitement with more mystical elements than anything in “Dark Droids.” What the future holds for this arc is yet to be seen, so while its storytelling potential could be squandered within the next month, this chapter at least sets the stage for some weird and wild Star Wars adventures that have been missing from the pages of comic books for quite some time.

  • 80

    The Fandom Post

    The exploration of how to bring someone back from the dark side is definitely worth dealing with in the series itself and Soule is definitely the right one to do so. I like the more measured approach we get here and you can make allowances for the fact that it’s a dream-like experience inside of a crystal fused with dark emotions. The time with Gretta is quite good and Feez is handled pretty well too, making them an interesting addition and showing how non-Force but Force-sensitive people operate. I generally like Cummings artwork all around and especially at the beginning but even then you get a panel where a face just comes across as too distorted and distracting. They’re few and far between but his artwork is otherwise quite appealing with what they present. Especially with Gretta and her place as it’s one of those times it feels like it’s not the Star Wars house style.

  • 70

    SWNN - Star Wars News Net

    While Star Wars #42 finally gives us that Luke vs Sith encounter we’ve been waiting for, it takes its sweet time getting there. A lot of the issue is spent building up to the ritual Luke has to do to re-enter the kyber crystal, presumably because this mini-arc has to last two issues. There is definitely some juicy drama at the end, but not quite enough for the whole issue.

    Instead, too much time is devoted to meeting a new character and learning what her shtick is. She’s perfectly likeable and wise, but not as interesting as an ancient Sith Lord, so even though Luke’s interactions with her are interesting, I spent most of my time impatiently waiting to just get to the action already.

    We do get there by the end, and although not enough time is spent with the Sith for my liking, it does end on a great cliffhanger for what should be a Sith-heavy showdown in issue #43.

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