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Star Trek: Defiant #7

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Part four of DAY OF BLOOD begins here!

Thousands of years ago, Kahless the Unforgettable led his people to glory and raised an empire of honor. But his clone, Kahless II, has gone too far, murdering innocents in cold blood and hungering for power that can no longer be sated by Qo’noS and the Klingon people. He now stands alongside Alexander in front of Worf and Sisko, pitting father and son against each other and making a mockery of the Bajoran Prophets and their emissary. Meanwhile, the power of the Orb of Destruction surges from his ship above. Can Kahless be stopped, or will he once again prove to be the greatest warrior of them all?

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7 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    As “Day of Blood” roars forward to its conclusion, Star Trek: Defiant publishes its best issue yet. Cantwell’s script is top-notch on many fronts, delicately setting a heartbreaking story about the relationship between a father and son in the midst of a breathtaking space opera. There’s a little bit of something for everyone here in Star Trek: Defiant #7, whether you’re local for epic space explosions or a vulnerable character exploration of one of the franchise’s most invulnerable characters.

  • 97


    Christopher Cantwell continues to bring us a compelling story, which would make for an awesome television movie given how epic the plot is. The central conflict of this issue is between Worf and Alexander and it gets brilliantly set up by a letter that Alexander wrote to his father about why he’d joined the Red Path. This sets up the fight between father and son brilliantly.

    Overall. This continues to be an enjoyable story and is one that I’d have loved to have seen on the TV as an actual episode because Cantwell uses the characters so well.

  • 96

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    “Day of Blood” started off shaky in a few aspects, but with each issue the crossover has improved in quality. It’s a fair question whether the final issue can live up to what precedes. But that’s for another time. STAR TREK DEFIANT #7 is a gripping and energetic penultimate issue.

  • 95

    Nerd Initiative

    This is part 4 of the Day Of Blood event, which is the very first Star Trek comic book event in history. It’s so awesome to see crew members from different shows interacting and fighting together. They even managed to include Shaxs from Star Trek: Lower Decks!

    The storytelling is nothing short of brilliant and the artwork in this book is stunning to say the very least. You can tell the team is really passionate about what they are doing and they are putting a huge amount of effort into this event.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Cantwell delivers a story filled with blistering action across multiple plot lines. The space battles are exciting and suspenseful. The fight between father and son is emotional and thrilling. The moments between Kahless and Sisko are brilliantly done. The whole story culminates in some great character moments and thrills that make me excited for what comes next.

    The Art: Unzueta perfectly captures the thrills and suspense of the story visually. The art is fantastic and every character moment and battle are filled with amazing imagery.

  • 80

    Set The Tape

    Star Trek: Defiant has managed to recover well from its brief stumble with the last issue, and gained some real urgency as events move towards the endgame. Will the upcoming finale fail to stick the landing? Let us trust in the creative team that nothing could be fa(r)ther from the truth.

  • 60


    Though, like Goku, one could make the argument that Worf was an absent father it seems all Alexander can do is state this fact again and again. it is his only motivation in this story and after he shouts his rage it becomes tiresome. much like this event, as this is the penultimate installment and i am ready for it to end.

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