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Star Trek #13

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Arc three of the acclaimed Star Trek ongoing series starts here! Captain Benjamin Sisko’s quest to defeat the killer of gods is at an end, and the Prophets beckon him home to the Celestial Temple. He’s earned his rest, but when Starfleet requests his help to stop a familiar foe, the Tzenkethi Coalition, from launching the largest fleet in their history, Sisko and the Theseus’ crew set out to once again save the galaxy. But there’s a reason this species of spiritually rich, reptilian lizard birds has twice defeated Starfleet in battle. They’re xenophobic, ruthless, and innovative… and confronting them on their home turf, a planet thought to be an organism itself, is as good a death sentence as any.

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    Writers Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing continue to have fun in the Star Trek universe by allowing some of our favorite characters to meet. This issue opens up with a conversation between Captain Sisko and Admiral Janeway before it gets to the main course. It’s a fun moment and perhaps one of those moments that can only be done in novels or comics. We get some nice easter eggs in the issue. One of which refers back to the movie Star Trek: Insurrection due to the fact that Admiral Sato’s office used to belong to Admiral Dougherty who Sato says was always a snake.

    Overall. This is a fun issue that gives us our first look at the Tzenkethi who were often mentioned on the series, but never really seen.

  • 90


    A whole new mission brings up a lot of old feelings and faces as Star Trek #13 begins the next set of adventures for this diverse intriguing crew of characters. A perfect example of how to craft a love-letter to something without leaning on nostalgia, propelling the characters and world forward.

  • 89

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Kelly and Lanzing craft another arc that immediately drew me in as a Star Trek fan and made me giddy with all of the deep cuts and exciting reveals. An impressive story from start to finish that combines great action, adventure, mystery and emotion. I continue to enjoy both the old favorites and new faces in this crew and look forward to seeing where this adventure leads them.

    The Art: To delivers impressive art throughout the issue. The imagery and visual style are perfect for Star Trek and the art brings the characters and environments to vibrant and engaging life.

  • 80

    IDW’s ongoing Star Trek series enters its next chapter with a homecoming for Benjamin Sisko and a new mission that seems to play into his skillsets. The new storyline deals with the Tzenkethi, a mentioned but never seen species that had fought at least one war with the Federation. That there is little about the Tzenkethi established means Lanzing and Kelly should have plenty of room to play without bumping into continuity guardrails. However, the duo continues to show a knack for leveraging that continuity to advance character arcs in subtle ways that point to both the past and future, be it Beverly Crusher’s growing distance from Jean-Luc Picard or Scotty burying himself in his work to not dwell on the years he lost while trapped in that transporter buffer. Marcus To comes on board the series as an artist, having previously been an underappreciated part of the art stable for Marvel’s X-Men line for a few years. To has an attractive, clean style, and he’s capable of pulling off some interesting and unorthodox layouts, like arranging 11 irregularly sized panels across two pages to cover all the angles of senior officers’ meetings and keep the conversation interesting. It’s a well-crafted, stellar issue with plenty of fun surprises for longtime Star Trek fans.

  • 80

    Set The Tape

    This new story – ‘A Savage World Of Glass And Bone’ – is off to a promising start, with some lovely kisses to history, and the sense of a crew whose camaraderie which was forged in the heat of battle is now going to face a completely different set of challenges, from both inner and outer space. Star Trek #13 is definitely not unlucky for some.

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