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Star Trek #12

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The crossover event between Star Trek and Star Trek: Defiant comes to a thrilling conclusion in part five of DAY OF BLOOD! Using powers bestowed upon him by the Prophets, emissary Benjamin Sisko withstands the god-killing weapon for now, but forces of the Orb of Destruction wear on him with each passing moment. Meanwhile, Worf agonizes over a fatal wound of his own that he can never hope to heal. What will become of our heroes? What will become of the universe? Can the crews of the Theseus and Defiant stop the godkiller once and for all?

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  • 97


    Collin Kelly does a solid job of finishing this story but leaves a few plot threads hanging to get picked up in future issues. I loved how the issue ended with Lore looking to take advantage of the power vacuum that Kahless had left behind. But I also loved the clever way in which the writer uses Sela and makes her a relevant character again.

  • 95

    The Super Powered Fancast

    The Story: Kelly and Lanzing bring this arc to a glorious conclusion that hits all the marks of what makes Star Trek great. The story is filled with great action and all of the threads that have been laid out during the course of the series play out beautifully as well as create new storylines that I want to see explored. The mysteries within the issue are compelling and I look forward to seeing more of this world and these characters.

    The Art: Unzueta delivers fantastic action throughout the issue. The visual style of the issue is great and the details in everything from the characters to the technology look amazing.

  • 90

    Day of Blood comes to its exciting conclusion in Star Trek #12, which manages to synthesize decades of Star Trek stories into a singular cinematic climax that’ll leave fans grinning ear-to-ear. The themes that Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing have lain down since bringing Sisko back from the Celestial Temple coalesce, tying together both the fight against Kahless and the tension between Sisko and Worf. Sisko’s declaration that it is not his gods that Kahless fights but his crew reasserts the humanistic ethos that Gene Roddenberry imbued Star Trek with upon its creation, dovetailing into Sisko admitting he was wrong to make Worf choose between his son and his duty and cementing their reconciliation. Angel Unzueta and Marissa Louise capture the scale of events, basking Sisko and Kahless’ heroic swordplay in the near-literal light of creation and framing Worf and Alexander like Star Trek’s La Pietà as the light of an ad hoc Genesis Device restores life and creates it anew. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and Voyager never got the movie treatment. The creative team behind Day of Blood has recreated that cinematic experience in these pages, creating a worthy entry into the Star Trek canon.

  • 90

    Nerd Initiative

    The first Star Trek comic book event comes to an epic and satisfying conclusion in this issue. While it leaves cliffhangers for future stories, the event itself is essentially wrapped up in a nice little bow. Though future events will no doubt be impacted by these events of this run.

    Between the storytelling and the artwork this is a masterpiece of comic book media. Now, Star Trek fans can officially say they have a comic book event like the heroes of Marvel or DC.

  • 90


    IDW Publishing’s new Star Trek line of titles brings its first crossover to a satisfying and game-changing conclusion with the very emotionally charged Star Trek #12. Everything about this issue is just another beautiful love letter to what Trek means and can be, respecting the past while embracing the future.

  • 80

    Set The Tape

    Rather than being full of sound and fury, signifying nothing, the ongoing Day Of Blood event has been a bold and worthy experiment, being able to use a far larger canvas than could be used on television for various reasons. The stewardship of Star Trek’s comics incarnation certainly appears to be in safe hands if all the creative talent involved here can continue in the same vein. Far better to be adventurous and risk failure, than to simply play safe and tread water.

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