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Spirit World #6 (of 6)

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Xanthe, Constantine, and Batgirl realize that only one other person has defeated the monster who’s been collecting spirits by taking their memories…and it’s the person who’s responsible for creating the joss-paper money, the original currency of the Spirit World!

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  • 90

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Spirit World #6 ends the miniseries with a bang, giving us more insights into Xanthe’s history, some fantastic action sequences and a touching ending. I hope DC continues using Xanthe, further exploring that corner of the DC Universe so beautifully steeped in Eastern mysticism. Recommended.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    We’ve seen plenty of dark spirits in this series, but this one seems different—animated by pain and rage rather than hatred—and that allows Xanthe to reach out in a way that seems much more reminiscent of the way Superman usually handles conflicts rather than the darker characters Xanthe seems to pal around with. And then, of course, there’s one more issue to resolve—cutting a deal with the spirits that will allow everyone to leave safely. This sets Xanthe up for a major role in the DCU going forward, if editorial and creative decisions allow it to happen. This has been my favorite of the three AAPI-lined titles to launch in recent months, and is an excellent example of just how much of an impact a new character can make in only a few issues.

  • 80


    Spirit World #6 utilizes engaging and coherent writing, combined with a well-structured narrative featuring a balance of suspense and character-driven moments, to create a compelling conclusion to the story. The use of flashbacks and gradual memory return adds depth and intrigue. The resolution centered on compassion subverts expectations and highlights the power of empathy. Coupled with Hainning’s fantastic art and Sebastian Cheng’s excellent colors, the issue offers a visually stunning and emotionally resonant experience. Hopefully, Xanthe will return to the DC universe soon. Their adventure has made for an artistically beautiful and emotionally resonant series.

  • 80

    Some big revelations are uncovered about not just Xanthe, but Wan Yujing as well. For being a newer hero, Xanthe is pretty self-assured and confident in their choices and action. The deal Xanthe brokers with the Jade Court opens up opportunities for them to pop back up in the DC universe again down the road. Overall, Spirit World was an enjoyable story with stellar art.

  • 80

    The Batman Universe

    This is a satisfying ending to this story. It showcases the reason this story is told. It also shows the tenacity of Cassandra Cain, a quality that makes her a worthy member of the bat family.

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