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Spirit World #5 (of 6)

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The Collective is hungry to collect more spirits and bodies to absorb, making it an even scarier and more powerful being, but it is not enough…so it begins to chase after the most delicious of memories. Bowen and Po Po get taken by the Collective, and it’s up to Xanthe and BatgirI to pull them out of its conjoined body parts before they get melded on as well-permanently! As Po Po fights to hold on to her memories as much as possible, we discover her secret origin and why she has such a soft spot for orphans…

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    Spirit World is the gift that keeps on giving, and as it approaches its final issue, it’s saved some of its biggest surprises for last. Writer Alyssa Wong continues to work wonders with its delightful core trio of Xanthe, John Constantine, and Cassandra Cain, and yet the mysteries and intrigue at play in this magical world are just as captivating. The series cast extends quite a bit, but Wong weaves them into the story in small enough intervals to keep from overwhelming what’s already been established. Artist Haining and colorist Sebastian Cheng deliver action sequences that crackle with energy, style, and color, and the character designs pop with personality and creativity. Spirit World is truly something special, and the only disappointment is that there’s just one more issue.

  • 90

    Geek Dad

    I’m not sure how much work Wong has planned for DC going forward—they’re pretty enmeshed with the competition—but this has been one of DC’s best recent surprises.

  • 85


    Spirit World #5 is a masterclass in storytelling, seamlessly blending plot development with gorgeous artwork. The characters’ emotional struggles, the mysteries of the Spirit World, and the chilling presence of the Jade Court make this issue a great read. With each installment, this series delves deeper into the Spirit World, offering readers a rich and immersive experience that keeps us eagerly awaiting the next chapter. Spirit World continues to deliver on its promises.

  • 80

    Comic Crusaders

    Overall, it’s an alright story, visually it is stunning, and the script is good. The big points are good, and I am sure that this series will gain more traction as it continues forward as well as hopefully lose its main character explains everything twice syndrome. I think it’s unnecessary to have the character re-state what is happening when visually we are already seeing and hearing it. Alyssa Wong did a fantastic job at setting the scene of the issue in the first 4 pages but having to explain again just felt superfluous. I am a fan of John and the magick arts, so i will still be looking forward to reading the next issues because I want to see what else is in store for these characters, and hopefully see Xanthe really struggle with her abilities, because right now she feels as powerful as John and she shouldn’t be.

  • 70

    The Batman Universe

    The art is good and dynamic with the magic flying all over the place, but the writing is really not good. I hope for improvement next issue, but it may be the curse of the end of the story and suddenly realizing that things need to get wrapped up quickly.

  • 65

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