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Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #4 (of 4)

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Based on 4 critic ratings.

The most terrifying series of 2023 reaches its conclusion!

His loved ones were threatened. His life was compromised.

Who pulled the strings? Mysterio? Or someone far worse?

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20 pages
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4 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 96

    Spider Man Crawlspace

    All I can say is that I hope Marvel does more horror stories like this one!

  • 94

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #4 plumbs Peter Parker’s soul. The issue leaves our hero with no easy answers. Will Peter hesitate the next time danger threatens? Will he overreact to a threatening villain? Peter survives this harrowing ordeal. But does he emerge the victor or the victim?

  • 83

    Major Spoilers

    The synthesis of psychological horror and superhero tale is difficult, but Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #4 proves that it can be done successfully, serving as the last chapter of a truly scary story, perfectly suited to this artist. Spider-Man hasn’t been this deeply frightening since DeMatteis and Zeck gave us Kraven’s Last Hunt back in ’87, and that is some high praise.

  • 80

    TSpine-Tingling Spider-Man #4 brings Saladin Ahmed, Juan Ferreyra, and Joe Caramagna’s disturbing Spidey tale to its big conclusion, and it’s a fitting end to what has been an unexpectedly captivating tale. For starters, this should be the only reference Ferreyra needs for more Spider-Man work. Ferreyra’s Spider-Man dazzles at every turn, conveying so much through Spider-Man’s eyes alone, and yet his work on the Jackal might be even more impressive, crafting truly terrifying iteration of the longtime villain that rivals just about anything we’ve previously seen. Then the book jumps to the daylight and somehow stuns even more, and Ahmed punctuates that sequence with a message to the character and the viewer that signifies the trauma Peter experienced will be something he has to carry for the rest of his life. It’s that message that hits home throughout the issue, and while it does feel like the final showdown happens rather abruptly, the overall story doesn’t outstay its welcome, so it’s a bit of a tradeoff. I greatly enjoyed Spine-Tingling Spider-Man, and here’s hoping we see another entry somewhere down the line.

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