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Spider-Woman #7

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Following the shocking revelations about her son’s fate, Spider-Woman has returned to her old stomping grounds of San Francisco… where she discovers that a brand-new group of young heroes have burst onto the scene!

But why does Jess have a sinking feeling that there’s more to these teens than meets the eye?

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23 pages
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3 Critic Ratings & Reviews from:
  • 100

    Sometimes a shift in location can do wonders, and that’s certainly the case for Spider-WomanSpider-Woman #7 continues Jessica Drew‘s quest to get her bearings after recent life-altering revelations and take the fight to Hydra for what they’ve done at the same time, and so far the trip is paying dividends. Writer Steve Foxe has locked in on the humor, charisma, and sarcasm that makes Drew such a consistent delight, while also introducing new complexities that will only provide more opportunities for those traits to shine. Meanwhile artist IG Guara and colorist Arif Prianto‘s expressive character work and bold colors only heighten those moments, and Zzzax looks like a truly imposing force in their care. As for The Assembly, the interest is already piqued, so all in all, moving to San Francisco seems like it was the right move after all.

  • 96

    The Comicbook Dispatch

    Jessica Drew leaps to others’ aid, reunites with an ex, trades venom shocks with a fiery foe, and meets a group of ultrapowered strangers in Spider-Woman #7.

  • 30

    The Comic Book Spot

    This story might be for some. It is NOT for me. The artistic work from Ig Guara and colorist Arif Prianto is really nice. But that’s the only nice thing to say. Jess’ history deserve better in its creative direction. The Assembly? Get out of here…

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