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Spider-Woman #9

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Spider-Woman has history with both sides of CIVIL WAR II, so things are more complicated than just picking a side. Plus, she’s got her baby to consider now, and she can’t risk her life putting him in harm’s way. But Jess has never been one to just sit on the sidelines.

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    Spider-Woman #9 is an important issue if you love Carol or Jess, if youre caught up on Civil War II, and if you like a good comic that discusses the more heartbreaking parts of friendship. I was worried about the role Jess would play in the current crossover, and this installment gave me hopes about where she stands. The middle ground truly is a viable option, and Jess had taken her stake there despite knowing the potential effects on her relationship with Carol. With dark elements, action, and friends in conflict, this issue get a lot right about two of Marvels premiere heroes without being lost to the whims of an overarching comic event.

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    Hopeless really knows how to use his characters to full effect, creating a great book ensemble. And adding Carol to the mix is always a treat. These are the sorts of personal relationships I love in my superhero comics. And I love superhero action when Hopeless and Rodriguez make it this much fun! Spider-Woman on skies chasing a Wendigo through the woods of Canada, while Porcupine battles a room full of Wendigo back at the lodge. Good times all around, and another awesome issue.

  • 75

    Weird Science Marvel Comics

    Having a book with such a lighthearted tone while tacklinggruesome situations would be very intimidating for most writers and artist butthis book handled it flawlessly. Ultimately the rest of the book is set up forJess’s role in the Civil War II crossover. The part of the book that stood onits own was very fun and entertaining as well.

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