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Spider-Woman #5

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Jessica Drew’s baby is here! Now that’s she’s back on Earth, Jess learns that she’s still got a lot of work to do when it comes to being a full-time super hero AND a full-time mom! Get your first real glimpse at Jess’ new life and all the people in it right here! The next chapter of Jessica Drew’s story begins with this can’t-miss issue!

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  • 95


    This series has only gotten better thanks to the recent relaunch and the advent of Jessica Drew’s new status quo as a pregnant, semi-retired hero. Now with her baby on board, Jessica’s struggle in this standalone issue is to figure out how to handle this incredible new responsibility in her life and decide how, or even if, she’s going to return to her old life. This might just be the best effort yet from Dennis Hopeless and Javier Rodriguez. There’s a very genuine quality to the writing as Jess deals with the whirlwind of emotions a new baby brings. This issue is frequently hilarious (particularly once the full context behind her opening monologue is revealed), but also very heartfelt and touching. For his part, Rodriguez absolutely kills it this month. His elegant figure work and snazzy design sense result in a comic that’s incredibly dynamic and eye-catching regardless of whether the focus is on action, comedy or simple dialogue.

  • 90


    As much as I’m enjoying this comic, I kind of wish Fazekas and Butters had taken more time to set up Carol’s new status quo and supporting cast before jumping into this opening storyline. They did a lot in the first issue, but I guess not enough, because this story doesn’t feel as deep as it could. We’re three issues in, and everybody is just running around willy nilly as new and weird things start happening. There are a lot of crew members in play, a lot of Alpha Flight characters (whose use still feels random), and Carol goes from having nightmares to leading the charge to being in the brig to once again being in charge this issue. She’s all over the place, just like this issue.

    The new Captain Marvel is entertaining, and I like it, but I hope Fazekas and Smith find time to slow down before too long. This new series needs a good ‘day in the life’ issue.

  • 79

    Multiversity Comics

    Although not much plot happens in “Spider-Woman” #5, there’s a great deal of character work going on. Taking the time off to let us see Jessica Drew deal with being a mother helps make her a stronger, more relatable character. No doubt, Hopeless, Rodriguez, and company are gearing up for something that will put the baby in danger (though wouldn’t it be great if they didn’t?), but for now, this simple story of a new mom juggling her work and home life, is engrossing.

    Sheesh, though. Kids are demanding.

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