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Spider-Woman #2

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Trapped in an alien hospital with a bunch of other moms-to-be, Jessica Drew has suddenly found herself in over her head! It’s anything but business as usual as Jess realizes she’s the only person who can save the day- but only if she can keep herself and her baby safe in the process!

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    What I like about Spider-Woman #2 is that it puts Jessica in the place she wanted to be in the previous issue, but after she has decided to stop doing things by her lonesome. I feel like the following issues will bring out what makes her great, but also how she has coped with being forced off planet for so long before. I want to see how Jessica resolves this current issue and what it leads to for her in the future.

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    This was an enjoyable issue of Spider-Woman that goes a long way to incorporating her pregnancy into the story. She’s not just an action superhero who happens to be pregnant. Her pregnancy, the safety of her baby, and her ‘conversations’ with the child are all part of the story now. When she flip kicks a couple Skrulls, she has to make sure she’s holding her belly and keeping the baby largely safe. Plus, she’s not out on patrol, she went to the maternity ward of a hospital to get checked out. Spider-Woman is still as fun, as funny, and as gorgeous as it was before the relaunch, and Hopeless and company actually seem to be going somewhere new and clever with the re-focus. That’s saying a lot.

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