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Spider-Woman #11

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After the [REDACTED] in Civil War II, Jessica Drew has no choice but to put on her private investigator gloves and enter the fray. But with a baby at home, Jessica has to tread more carefully than ever…

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    Anyway, this was an excellent issue that really got into the main character’s head during this difficult time. Hopeless also used Porcupine well, reminding us all how good a job he’s done building this comic. Civil War II is a mess, but if a writer can make the story this personal for their character, that’s a sign of real skill. I especially enjoyed a flirty flashback between Jess and Bruce Banner. It would be fun to see more flirty Jess in this comic. And the art by Veronica Fish was as top notch as always. This series remains a true gem.

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    Whereas last issue maintained a natural feel despite its tie-in structure, this installment reads very much as a cut and paste Civil War II title. Dennis Hopeless again positions Jessica as woman in the middle of it all, detailing the character’s unique relationships with the various parties involved. He does a solid job of exploring the conflict of the character, allowing her to work through a range of emotions as she tries to make sense of it all. Less effective is his use of Carol Danvers. Her dismissive attitude towards Jess comes off as more of a narrative device than a real emotional response, which ultimately neuters the inevitable fallout between the two. Veronica Fish is mostly able to mask those square-peg-round-hole maneuverings with her great panel composition and fluid sense of movement, but for all of the emotional fallout presented here, this issue is lacking in punch.

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