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Spider-Woman #1

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Spider-Verse Tie-In!

Jessica Drew is a woman with a mission and with Silk, the newest spider-character on the block at her side, she’ll have to put all her training to the test if she wants to make it out of Spider-Verse alive!

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23 pages
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    Graphic Policy

    The end result is a decent issue with some fun moments and fun dialogue. It is maybe not the best start that this series could have gotten off to, but it was sort of forced into the larger story arc and forced to adapt, which it does well. At the very least, with an ongoing series featuring Spider Woman, with Silk as her ally/sidekick, this series should be interesting, and without the crossover into Spider-Verse the future looks bright for it finding its own identity.

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    The Fandom Post

    As an opening issue, it’s… well, it’s what I expect in a way since it’s a tie-in to the Spider-Verse storyline and I’m not reading that. It’s not the most accessible book in the world (I can’t imagine a complete newbie thinking this is worth it) but for those who’ve read comics long enough, you can latch onto the basics well enough and run with it, partially thanks to the preface page. Dennis Hopeless keeps things moving here and it works well enough to give us a sense of Jess in this particular kind of situation, but little about her. And it’s a setup for the split events that the book ends with. Unfortunately, this doesn’t feel like a Spider-Woman book but just a Spider-Verse book, so there’s a wariness about it from me. I do like Greg Land’s art in general as he has some good layouts and panel design, and obviously the characters look good (though not overdone). I definitely like the second half for his work better since there are actual backgrounds in it and the whole thing felt a bit more cemented. I’m interested and curious, but still mainly for Jessica as opposed to the Spider-Verse storyline.

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    I don’t know how a reader could enjoy this without reading all of the previous chapters in Spider-Verse. This was a poor way to start a new series and leaves me on the fence as to whether I’ll pick up the next issue.

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    To get the elephant in the room out of the way, I know I’m not Mr. Land’s target audience, and he’s not my chosen artist. I’m used to highly idealized bodies in superhero comics. That’s the point. But with women, there’s a tendency to make them objects of desire as opposed to objects of strength. This is not a point of argument – this is a cold fact. Accepting this fact, and looking at Land’s portfolio as a whole…I was actually impressed. This could have been much worse. Now, Jess still has the same paralyzed open-mouth pout in every panel, and everyone has giant thigh gaps and boyish, almost non-existent hips. Silk looks like a sex doll, and someone needs to let Mr. Land know that Anya Corazon is a young girl, which, to be fair, his depiction is open to interpretation. I think he makes her look at least 23.

    All that aside, I’ve seen much worse in books drawn by Land, and whether by his own initiative or editorial’s, I appreciate that he reigned himself in for this book. As someone who came to Jessica Drew fandom through the Carol Corps, I’m pretty sensitive to depictions of women, and Jessica in particular is a character who has been over-sexualized way too often as a plot device.

    That said, his art makes it impossible for me to give this book a really high mark. While the writing is a 9, I wouldn’t put the art above a 5. I need expressive faces to help me feel the story, and Land just doesn’t deliver that. It’s my sincere hope they replace the artist with someone more suited to the subject matter. My vote is for Marcio Takara, personally, but there are plenty of others I think who could do the job well. Hopeless has a great handle on my girl Jess, I trust him with her, but comics are a visual medium. The art should tell the story as much as the words. Spider-Woman is presently leaning heavily on the latter.

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    Nerds On The Rocks

    Great if you’re keeping up with Spider-Verse and want to delve deeper into the story! If not, I’d skip it!

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