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Spider-Verse #1 (of 2)

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SPIDER-VERSE IS HERE! Dive deep into the Spider-Verse event with the most Spider-filled anthology ever!

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    Comic Vine

    If you want storyline and character development, this may not be the book for you. However, if you want a bizarre concoction of storylines and characters all based around everyones favorite wall-crawler, this truly is the book for you. There’s an incredible level of creativity and imagination on-display here and it shows the many, many different directions a character can go while still having a strong, central theme. Clearly the book is constructed around having this many creators on it, but it’s still admirable that with so many creators, the core of the issue is as strong as it is.

  • 80


    This week he told me a story, he told me a lot of stories, about that blooming bloody spider, about all the blooming bloody spiders, on all the blooming bloody webs under all the blooming bloody suns who may fall under the blooming bloody rain but always climb up the web again.

  • 80


    Spider-Verse #1 is a very strong anthology that fleshes out even more of the Spider-Verse. While it does not necessarily strengthen specific characters like Edge of Spider-Verse did, it really drives home the core concepts that make a Parker a Parker. While I can’t really say this is essential reading to understand the Spider-Verse event, at least as we currently know about the event. Spider-fans will find a lot to enjoy in these pages, but those looking for the kickoff of an event will be much happier grabbing last week’s Amazing Spider-Man. You aren’t going to find Spider stories from these talented creators anywhere else, and that alone makes this comic something special.

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    Spider-Verse #1 doesn’t deviate from the format of previous tie-ins. It doesn’t even contribute much to the larger Spider-Verse conflict. But it does offer a fun selection of stories that play with the familiar Spider-man mythology in new and interesting ways. The three core features are balanced out with some delightfully twisted short stories from Slott, leading to a well-rounded Spider-package.

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    Comic Book Herald

    Overall, if you just want to follow the main story, you can easily skip this. It’s uneven and out of six stories, which is really only five plus a prologue, I thought two were really strong, two were so-so, and one was just out of place. If you’re only interested in the main story, so far it looks like there really isn’t much going on outside of Amazing Spider-Man.

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